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Delete Order - PrestaShop delete order free module

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Any store owner would be happy to see a long order list, wouldn't it? That proves your store is working very well. However, some orders may have an error in the ordering process or a problem in a certain stage, and you don't want to display them in the order list anymore to avoid confusion, but PrestaShop's default does not allow you to delete orders. I also frequently see searches like: "PrestaShop 1.7 delete all orders ", "PrestaShop delete orders", etc. That proves many people have this problem like us. It's really inadequate, right?

So how can you delete an order on PrestaShop 1.7? With Delete Order - a PrestaShop delete orders free module, you can delete the unnecessary orders you want to make your order listing page looks neater and also for you easier to manage.

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