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eCommerce has become the most exciting and profitable sector all over the world. It’s advancements let many users ease down the shopping experience online. As a store owner, the increasing demand of online shopping triggers you to grow up with these advancements and grab the opportunity to increase your business sales and growth.

To cope with a slump in sales of your products, the revelation of a product’s brand is important. As customers will get to know about your brand, it will lead to increase in sale and will make your brand popular among users. However, marketing and promotion of the product could lead to spent a lot of revenue with no guarantee of the results.

Marketplace helps in brand exposure and recognition of the products in between huge audience. eBay marketplace is one of the largest Marketplace, serving millions of customers worldwide. Sellers can easily register themselves on eBay Marketplace and can sell their products with ease. However, if you are a Magento store owner, you can easily connect your website with the eBay Marketplace in few simple steps.

KnowBand offers eBay Magento Integrator Extension, which integrates your Magento store with eBay Marketplace via API Integrator. It bridges the gap between your store and eBay Marketplace through which you can list down your products on eBay in a hassle free way. This integrator helped many Magento store owners to increase their sales revenue without any advance investments.

Features of Magento eBay Integrator Extension:

1.The eBay Magento Integrator Extension provides hassle free approach to integrate with the eBay Marketplace by saving time and reducing the manual efforts of admin.

2.The eBay Magento connector addon provides real time synchronization between admin and eBay marketplace with great ease.

3.The eBay Magento integrator plugin provides a profile listing feature which helps admin to make multiple profiles. Admin can list products in bulk with the help of profile based listing from the back-end of this plugin itself.

4.With the help of Magento eBay integrator module, the admin can easily map the products in relevant categories which helps in bulk uploading of the products on marketplace.

5.Any change in the product description, pricing etc can be done in the marketplace by simply executing a cron job from the backend of the eBay Magento connector module.

6.With the help of eBay Magento integrator module, admin can track all the errors while product listing and can correct them from the back-end itself without even the visiting the marketplace.

7.The eBay Magento Integrator plugin allows admin to add multiple shipping methods on the marketplace from the back-end itself.

8.The eBay Magento Integrator module allows admin to create promotional deals for the customers on eBay from back-end itself.

9.Admin can track the order status of the products with the help of eBay Magento Integrator addon.

10.The eBay Magento integrator module allows admin to fix the lag time of the products to avoid cancellation of orders by not delivering them on time.

For further information on Magento eBay integrator, please refer to the following link: Magento eBay Integration Module Link

Magento eBay Integration Extension User Manual

Magento eBay Integrator Admin Demo Link

Watch the video of Magento eBay Integration Extension

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