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How to target better SEO for your website? Creating a Google custom search engine for your website is another great idea that will help to create more number of back links without removing the default search at your store. With the integration of Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon, you can optimize the search functionality of your store and lead better conversion rates.

Without wasting time and costs over low-budget site search tools, you can go for Prestashop Google CSE Integration which allows your customers to check site results from specific websites as controlled from the back-office. Using Google CSE module integration, you can achieve faster searches which subsequently improves the browsing and querying experience of the customers at your store. This Prestashop Custom Google Search Module works on Google custom search algorithm which brings out search results from different websites, thereby improving the caching speed of non-indexed search results.
Features of Prestashop Google Custom Search

1.Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon replaces the search bar at your website by integrating Google custom search option for customers.
2.No coding is required to integrate Prestashop Custom Google Search Module to store.
3.Set your desired search engine with the help of Prestashop Google CSE Integration.
4.Prestashop Custom Google Search Module provides multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility.
5.The Google custom search bar added using Google CSE plugin device responsive.
6.Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon works on Google Search Algorithms.
7.Prestashop Custom Google Search Module allows you fetch results from multiple websites.
8.Prestashop Google CSE Integration works by setting the Search Engine Unique IDĀ from back-office.
9.With Prestashop Google CSE module, you can enable sorting of results based on reference or date.
10.You can add images to the search results using Prestashop Custom Google Search Module.
11.Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon gives an option of auto complete querying to customers.
12.This Google CSE module gives you flexibility to set records count shown on search results page.
13.The Google custom search results can be opened in new tab with the help of this plugin.
14.The whole functionality of Prestashop Google Custom Search Addon can be enabled or disabled on a single click.
15.Prestashop Google CSE Integration module allows you to enable or disable the search history.

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