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Can you imagine your eCommerce store with Image Reconition feature? If not, then allow Search Products by Image functionality using Prestashop Image Search Addon by Knowband. Let your customer search for site products just by uploading an image file and then getting desired product results they want from your store.

1. Prestashop Image Recognition System adds an option of image search to the default search functionality at your store.

2. Search by Image module lets customers browse and upload an image from the local system based on which associated search results are displayed on frontend.

3. With the implementation of Prestashop Image Recognition System, you can set threshold percentage to which marks the accuracy of search results.

4. Search by Image module provides multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility support.

5. The UI of Search Products by Image is mobile responsive and is made suitable for all kinds of devices.

6. You can enable or disable the complete functionality of Prestashop Image Search Addon as required for your eCommerce business.

7. You can set a limit on the number of records displayed on each results page upon any customer’s query.

8. With the integration of Search by Image module, you can enable or disable the functionality on search bar of the website.

9. With Prestashop Image Recognition System, you can provide a visually same search button on the product page so that the customers need not to upload the image every time.

10. The automatic image sync functionality of Prestashop Image Search module allows automatic sync of newly added image to the Clarifai account.

11. You can manually run cron jobs and sync the newly added images to the Clarifai account.

12. To add Search Products by Image functionality to your store, you have to set the API key at the backend of this Prestashop module.

13. Prestashop Image Search module allows you to check the umapped image log at the backend office. You can check the error description also.

Prestashop Image Search module product page
Prestashop Image Search module user manual
Admin Demo
Front Demo
Watch video tutorial for Prestashop Image Recognition System

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