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Layered Popups for WordPress

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Internet is full of boring popups. So, it’s a time to break this trend. That’s why we created “Layered Popups” (WordPress popups plugin). With this plugin you can realize your imagination and make unique multi-layers WordPress popup windows. You can create multiple layers with whatever-you-want content and add custom transitions/animations for each layer. You can embed AJAX-ed subscription/contact form which works with 52 email marketing providers (MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, iContact, Mad Mimi, Sendy, Interspire, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, MailPoet (WYSIJA), SendPress, MailerLite, Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP), Ontraport (Office Auto Pilot), FreshMail, SendReach, SalesAutoPilot (MailMaster), Direct Mail for Mac OS X, Customer.io, SendinBlue, E-goi, Elastic Email, Klick Tipp, SendPulse, SendGrid, MyMail, MailJet, Mailrelay, Tribulant Newsletters, Drip, Emma, Sendlane, HubSpot, Campayn, TotalSend, ConvertKit, SimplyCast, SALESmanago, RocketResponder, AgileCRM, CleverReach, EasySendy Pro, Klaviyo, The Newsletter Plugin, Subscribe2, eSputnik, SG Autorespondeur, Pipedrive, Jetpack Subscriptions, UserEngage and MailWizz) and collect users’ names and e-mails. You can raise popup window on page load, on exit intent, on scrolling down or show it on click event. Moreover you can use any popup as a part of post/page content. Make your website more attractive and pay users attention to certain stuff.






This is WordPress popup plugin. For non-WordPress websites try Layered Popups – Standalone Script.

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Please visit official Layered Popups demo page and check out demo popups. With “Layered Popups” plugin you can create your own popups. You are limited only by imagination. :-) Also don’t forget to read Online Documentation.



  • Unlimited number of popups: create as many popup as you wish.
  • Multiple layers: each popup can contain any number of layers.
  • Custom layer duration/animation: customize layer duration/animation with ease.
  • 20+ CSS3 layer animations: driven by Animate.css.
  • A/B tests: create unlimited number of A/B testing campaigns, get statistics and choose the best popup for your purposes.
  • Social buttons supported: easily add Facebook Like, Google +1, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn Share buttons to popup.
  • Subscribe with Facebook: YES! Now you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Facebook account.
  • Subscribe with Google: YES! Now you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Goolgle account.
  • 687474703a2f2f6c617965726564706f70757073 Non-WP Integration: Now you can embed popups into non-WP part of website.
  • Google/Universal Analytics event tracker supported: track “show” and “subscribe” events.
  • KISSmetrics tracking supported: identify the current person with a e-mail address submitted through opt-in form.
  • Opt-in locker (optional): users must subscribe to close popup.
  • Social locker: users must like through Facebook, tweet through Twitter or share through Google, LinkedIn to close popup.
  • Contact Form popup: use Layered Popups as a contact form for your website.
  • Welcome E-mail option: subscribers may receive Welcome E-mail after successful subscription.
  • 600+ Google Fonts: use any of 600+ webfonts.
  • Subscription form: AJAX-ed name/e-mail subscription form.
  • 2-steps opt-in process: yes, you can do it now.
  • Contact form: AJAX-ed name/e-mail contact form.
  • 687474703a2f2f6c617965726564706f70757073 Custom fields: create your own text fields, text areas and drop-down lists.
  • Email marketing providers supported: MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, Mad Mimi, AWeber, Sendy, Interspire, Benchmark, MailPoet (WYSIJA), SendPress, MailerLite, Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP), Ontraport (Office Auto Pilot), FreshMail, SendReach, SalesAutoPilot (MailMaster), Direct Mail for Mac OS X, Customer.io, E-goi, SendinBlue, Elastic Email, Klick Tipp, SendPulse, SendGrid, MyMail, MailJet, Tribulant Newsletters, Drip, Emma, Sendlane, HubSpot, Campayn, TotalSend, ConvertKit, SimplyCast, SALESmanago, RocketResponder, AgileCRM, CleverReach, EasySendy Pro, Klaviyo, The Newsletter Plugin, Subscribe2, eSputnik, SG Autorespondeur, Pipedrive, Jetpack Subscriptions, UserEngage and MailWizz supported.
  • Re-submit popup details: you can re-submit popup details to 3rd party HTML-form.
  • Extended e-mail address validation: check MX records according to the host provided within the email address.
  • 687474703a2f2f6c617965726564706f70757073 Page speed load optimized: minimum resources loaded with pages – Google will love you :-).
  • 687474703a2f2f6c617965726564706f70757073 Popup Constructor: improved user-friendly popup constructor.
  • Enable/disable popup preloads: this is a part of page speed load optimization.
  • Export/import feature: you can easily export popup settings from one website and import to another website.
  • On-page-load event handler: raise any popup on-page-load event.
  • On-scrolling event handler: raise any popup when user scroll down the page.
  • Different popup per page, post, custom post type: assign different popup per page, post or custom post type.
  • Auto open delay: popup window might be opened with delay.
  • On-exit-intent event handler: raise any popup when user moves mouse pointer to the top of browser window assuming that he/she going to close/exit the page.
  • On-inactivity event handler: raise any popup after certain period of user’s inactivity.
  • Display modes: you can display popups every time, once per session or only once.
  • Inline mode: use any popup as a part of post/page content.
  • Link locker: Limit access to certain links until user subscribed through certain popup.
  • Remember subscribed visitors: plugin set cookie on user machine to avoid repeated popups for subscribers.
  • On-click-event handler: show any popup on-click event.
  • CSV Export: list of subscribers can be exported as CSV-file to be used with any newsletter systems.
  • Set of predefined popups: use any predefined popups as a template for your work.
  • Design your own popups: it’s easy – check out video tutorial. :-)
  • Responsive design: popup window looks nice on small screen devices.
  • Realtime preview: edit popup/layers and view changes immediately.
  • Shortcodes supported (experimental): add WP shortcodes into layer content.
  • Font Awesome supported: use any Font Awesome icon on submit buttons.
  • Attach popups to menu items: it’s easy – check out video tutorial. :-)
  • Enable/disable modules: enable/disable e-mail marketing providers, social buttons, etc. modules.
  • 9 popup positions: place popup on desired screen position.
  • Enable/disable overlay: enable/disable overlay.
  • Spinner customization: change spinner that appears when popup is loading..
  • WooCommerce compatible: compatible with WooCommerce general and product pages.
  • Minified CSS and JS: turn on/off using minified JS and CSS files.
  • Automatic Plugins Update: you don’t need to do it manually anymore.
  • Popups Library: access to remote popups library.
  • Easy to install: install and activate the plugin as any other plugins.
  • Translation ready: plugin might be translated to any language.
  • WordPress Best Practices: no any alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG.


  1. Install and activate the plugin. Once activated, it creates menu “Layered Popups” in left side column in the admin area.
  2. Click left side menu “Layered Popups >>> Settings” and configure “on-page-load” and “on-exit-intent” event handlers if you need it.
  3. Click left side menu “Layered Popups >>> Create Popup”. Create and customize your popup and it’s layers. You also can use pre-defined popup as template for your modifications.
  4. Read FAQ section (“Layered Popups >>> FAQ”) to find answers for most common questions.
  5. Enjoy your popups.



Really incredible plugin, the best I have found to create suscriptions, contacts with popups. Superb design, beautiful!! Great support. 10/10.


Design: 5-STars Support: 5-Stars Features: 5-Stars I have tested many other popup-components like popup-domination, Pippity and others. Layered popups is a killer in the design, is great in the rest (code, features, support,...) and the cheapest of all of those components. Buy it, test it and you will never use any other popup-component. PS: I don´t use it on a wordpress-page, but I installed a dummy-wordpress-page and use the “external-popup-feature”. Works brilliant!


This is one of my top 5 plugins – It does exactly what it says on the box and It works a beautifully! Beyond that, it is so flexible that you can use it for much more than what it was made to do. I have used it to make popup video players, menu systems, popup sliders, popup info boxes, and more. It is one of those plugins that can go far beyond it’s original intended purpose. Just a little imagination with this plugin will take you far. My thanks to the developers for creating an excellent plugin and doing an excellent job of supporting it as well. Obviously, I highly recommend Layered Popups!


I wan to thank the author for this amazing plug-in. I have searched high and low for something like this for a while. It never occurred to me to check Codecanyon. I’ve only just purchased it a few days ago but already I know its one of the best plugins I’ve ever bought. Amazing and well worth the money. So much customization and built in integration. Thanks again! 6 out of 5 stars.


Love this plugin. It’s extremely flexible. You can build anything. Comes with dozens of pre-made popups you can further customize. So flexible you can go a little crazy customizing everything. The coder has thought of everything – A/B testing, mobile vs. desktop popups, integration with lots of email services.


Super integration. Perfect ajax mode (was searching a lot for that). Lot of possibilities! Contemporary CSS-animation support! Best Modal / Pop-Up Plugin out there!


Just wanted to say – Love this plugin. I have been able to use it in conjunction with and without the optional Tabs add-on to create some pretty nice popups! They have nothing to do with forms or mailing lists, but rather just informational popups. Thank you for properly allowing for HTML and Shortcodes. And for the wide array of sample files. Good support too – Excellent work! And, just in case anyone is wondering – I am not affiliated with, or taking any payment from the developer of this plugin to add this comment. I have dealt with a crap-ton of plugins from Themeforest and this is one of a handful that met and exceeded my expectations. Most of the others stop short anywhere from 20% to 90% of my personal expectations met.


Dude, just to want to drop a word and say thanks! Your plugin is the best popup plugin here in Codecanyon (I already have 7 of them). Keep rocking!


Lightweight, plenty of customizations, and I love the fact that the author included his sample layered popups in the download, just in case you need a kick-start to learn how to most effectively use the plugin. It really enhances your website in a professional manner!


I have to say that i LOVE this plugin. I just installed it on a new site and used the click to trigger it. It works flawlessly. I love the many templates available, the flexibility and the ease of using it. Thank you sooooo much!


Just wanted to post a note and say thanks. We have now purchased two of these layered popups for two websites. This is not the first popup plugin we have bought on Codecanyon, but it is by far the best, and the customer support is excellent.


If you need pop-ups, you need this plugin!! I tried anyone under the sun, including custom coding FancyBox pages, and especially Pop-Up Domination, for WP and as stand-alone, and NOTHING beats this plugin. The author is PHENOMENAL in his support! He cleaned up the code for page loading speed overnight. He integrated OntraPort for us overnight, he responds to every question within hours. Seriously, I have never come across a more helpful and willing plugin-developer in my life. And we haven’t even talked about the plugin yet… This plugin is AWESOME!!! So flexible, so easy to use. I literally created over 200 different pop-ups for the various sign up options and areas of our website within hours. ALL are split-testing. You need pop-ups, you need this plugin and no other. The code on the page is super clean and really uses the minimal amount of scripting in the page, which can’t be said about other plugins at all. For the price, this is a steal!! If I was the author, I would charge at least the $97 that competitors are charging, with way messier code, and really the same old, boring, out-of-date pop-up designs! This is an amazing plugin, from a fantastic author!!


WOWWWW!!!!! I have never gotten so much for my money!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLY FABULOUS!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!


An incredible plugin. Phantastic. It works perfect and the settings are so comprehensive AND easy. Love it.


Excellent plugin, great creative idea and 1st class support.


Excellent idea. Really opens the door wide for creativity. Nice work!


What can I say, oh yes luv it, luv it, luv it!!! It’s an awesome plugin.


Much better than Ninja Popups: cheaper, more options and open to your creativity…


Wooooow, is this great! Finally something really special here at the WP plugins!!! Very useful, very stylish, very flexible!


This is the first layered animation POPUP I’ve seen in the market. Congratulations for this excelent Wordpress useful file.


Very neat! Exactly what I was looking for ;).


If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contact me and I’ll help you.


[2016-08-15 - version 5.87 released]
- Improved MyMail integration.
- Added feature to clean database.
- Added UserEngage integration.
- Fixed minor bugs.

[2016-07-20 - version 5.86 released]
- Improved remote usage.

[2016-07-13 - version 5.85 released]
- Added Pipedrive integration.
- Added Jetpack Subscriptions integration.
- Fixed bug related to MailChimp groups.

[2016-06-25 - version 5.83 released]
Fixed bug related to new MailChimp API 3.0.

[2016-06-24 - version 5.82 released]
- Added SG Autorepondeur integration.

[2016-06-21 - version 5.80 released]
- Upgraded MailChimp API to version 3.0.
- Improved architecture.
- Added option to use different inline popups for smartphones and desktops/laptops/tablets.

[2016-04-26 - version 5.72 released]
- Added Subscribe2 integration.
- Added eSputnik integration.
- Added option to notify users about Wordfence issue.
- Minor bugs fixed.

[2016-04-22 - version 5.70 released]
- Added The Newsletter Plugin integration.
- Improved Link Locker functionality.
- Improved e-mail validation.

[2016-04-20 - version 5.68 released]
- Added Klaviyo integration.
- Added Link Locker functionality.

[2016-04-14 - version 5.65 released]
- Added EasySendy Pro integration.
- Upgraded Font Awesome to latest version 4.6.1
- Added option to configure popup loading spinner.
- Added option to pull inline popups using AJAX.
- Added option to leave placeholders blank.

[2016-04-06 - version 5.61 released]
- Added CleverReach integration.
- Added option to set user's email into FROM header for admin notification.

[2016-04-01 - version 5.60 released]
- Added widget to add inline popups into sidebars.
- Added button to TinyMCE editor to insert popup shortcodes.
- Added HubSpot integration.
- Added TotalSend integration.
- Added Campayn integration.
- Added RocketResponder integration.
- Added ConvertKit integration.
- Added SimplyCast integration.
- Added SALESmanago integration.
- Added AgileCRM integration.

[2016-03-25 - version 5.52 released]
- Added Sendlane integration.

[2016-03-22 - version 5.51 released]
- Added Emma integration.

[2016-03-02 - version 5.50 released]
- Added option to embed popups into non-WP pages.
- Improved Active Campaign integration.
- Improved OnClick feature.
- Improved input fields stylesheet.

[2016-02-09 - version 5.40 released]
- Added Drip integration.
- Added option to pre-load event popups.
- Improved input fields stylesheet.

[2016-01-23 - version 5.32 released]
- Added Tribulant Newsletters integration.

[2016-01-05 - version 5.30 released]
- Added option to submit forms by pressing ENTER.
- Added handling URLs with anchor parts.
- Improved popup constructor.

[2015-12-28 - version 5.29 released]
- Added Mailrelay integration.

[2015-12-10 - version 5.27 released]
- Added overlay animation.
- Improved visual constructor.
- Improved Constant Contact integration.

[2015-12-04 - version 5.24 released]
- Improved visual constructor.
- Improved Facebook integration.
- Improved rss/feed compatibility.

[2015-11-23 - version 5.22 released]
- Improved visual constructor.

[2015-11-12 - version 5.20 released]
- Improved visual constructor.

[2015-11-01 - version 5.13 released]
- Added SendinBlue integration.
- Improved responsiveness.

[2015-10-22 - version 5.10 released]
- Added more layer settings.

[2015-10-07 - version 5.02 released]
- Added MailJet integration.

[2015-10-01 - version 5.00 released]
- Added new Popup Constructor.

[2015-09-05 - version 4.90 released]
- Improved internal architecture to reduce memory consumption.
- Improved Active Campaign integration.

[2015-08-28 - version 4.85 released]
- Added native double opt-in.

[2015-08-15 - version 4.80 released]
- Added jQuery Mask plugin.
- Added option to disable font settings for layers.
- Improved export procedure.

[2015-07-28 - version 4.74 released]
- Improved MyMail integration (with custom fields).
- Added cookie parameter to popup.

[2015-07-16 - version 4.72 released]
- Added SendPulse integration.

[2015-07-06 - version 4.70 released]
- Added Klick Tipp integration.
- Improved JavaScript code.

[2015-06-27 - version 4.66 released]
- Added automatic form reset.
- Improved mandatory field checking.

[2015-06-16 - version 4.65 released]
- Improved e-mail validation.

[2015-05-16 - version 4.64 released]
- Added popup filter to subscribers list.
- Improved CSV-export feature.

[2015-04-30 - version 4.62 released]
- Added option to disable e-mail field.
- Added thanksgiving popup.
- Improved JS-code.

[2015-04-15 - version 4.60 released]
- Added "checkbox" custom field.
- Added reCAPTCHA v.2.0 (beta, collecting feedbacks).
- Improved export-import performance.

[2015-04-03 - version 4.58 released]
- Optimized Google Fonts performance.

[2015-03-02 - version 4.56 released]
- Improved Javascript-code.

[2015-02-25 - version 4.55 released]
- Added SendGrid integration.
- Added Elastic Email integration.
- Added option to disable event popup for certain user roles.

[2015-02-14 - version 4.50 released]
- Added option to use custom fields (text field, text area, drop-down list) [BETA].
- Improved Log.
- Improved MailChimp integration.
- Improved HTML-form integration.

[2015-02-04 - version 4.25 released]
- Added Add-Ons page.
- Added option to use opt-in data in redirect URL.
- Moved FAQ out of main php-file.

[2015-01-31 - version 4.22 released]
- Upgraded Font Awesome to latest version (4.3.0)

[2015-01-22 - version 4.21 released]
- Improved Facebook SDK loading.

[2014-12-26 - version 4.20 released]
- Added E-goi integration.
- Added iContact double opt-in [beta].

[2014-11-28 - version 4.15 released]
- Added Customer.io support.
- Updated Settings page.

[2014-11-25 - version 4.13 released]
- Added option to hide post/page meta box for non-admins.
- Improved library functionality.

[2014-11-06 - version 4.10 released]
- MailWizz supported.

[2014-11-03 - version 4.09 released]
- Improved JS files loading.

[2014-10-30 - version 4.08 released]
- Improved inline mode.

[2014-10-26 - version 4.07 released]
- Direct Mail for Mac OS X supported.

[2014-10-20 - version 4.05 released]
- Added option to display popup on user inactivity.
- Modified animate.css to avoid conflicts with other CSS3-animation libraries.

[2014-10-18 - version 4.03 released]
- Minor bugs fixed.

[2014-10-11 - version 4.02 released]
- Added set of link buttons.
- Improved compatibility with HTTPS websites.
- Minor bugs fixed.

[2014-10-08 - version 4.00 released]
- Added access to Popups Library.
- Improved compatibility with CloudFlare.
- Minor bugs fixed.

[2014-09-30 - version 3.80 released]
- Added option to re-submit popup details to 3rd party HTML-form.

[2014-09-26 - version 3.72 released]
- Added compatibility with MyMail 2.X.

[2014-09-25 - version 3.71 released]
- Added option to show popup once per X days.

[2014-09-24 - version 3.70 released]
- Added automatic plugin update.
- Minor bugs fixed.

[2014-09-17 - version 3.60 released]
- Constant Contact supported [BETA]
- Minor bugs fixed

[2014-09-10 - version 3.52 released]
- Improved compatibility with defer javascript loading.
- Added curl checking.

[2014-09-05 - version 3.51 released]
- Improved onClick handler.

[2014-09-03 - version 3.50 released]
- Added option to set different popups (or disable ones) for desktop and mobile devices.

[2014-09-02 - version 3.47 released]
- Upgraded Font Awesome to latest version 4.2.0.
- Added option to disable Font Awesome CSS loading for better compatibility.

[2014-08-27 - version 3.46 released]
- 20+ CSS3 layer animations driven by Animate.css.
- Option to use minified JS and CSS files.

[2014-08-22 - version 3.44 released]
- 9 popup positions
- Enable/disable overlay

[2014-08-18 - version 3.42 released]
- MailChimp groups - Added
- SalesAutoPilot (MailMaster) supported

[2014-08-12 - version 3.40 released]
- "Subscribe with Facebook" feature
- "Subscribe with Google" feature
- KISSmetrics support
- Minor bugs fixed
- 2 additional demo popups included
- Upgraded Facebook API to version 2.0

[2014-07-28 - version 3.34 released]
- Added SendReach integration.
- Added Double Opt-in for MyMail integration.
- Upgraded MailChimp API to version 2.0.
- Compatible with WooCommerce general pages and product pages.

[2014-07-26 - version 3.32 released]
- Added FreshMail integration.

[2014-07-23 - version 3.30 released]
- Added On Scroll settings - raise any popup when user scroll down the page.
- Improved On Exit Intent popup behavior.
- Fixed minor bugs.

[2014-07-22 - version 3.29 released]
- Added Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP) support.
- Fixed minor bug.

[2014-07-21 - version 3.28 released]
- Added Welcome E-mail option.

[2014-07-18 - version 3.27 released]
- Added MailerLite support.
- Added option to sort popups and campaigns lists.
- Replaced radio-buttons list by select box on Settings and post/page editor page.
- Updated FAQ.

[2014-07-16 - version 3.24 released]
- Added SendPress support.
- Added option to customize button CSS.
- Added option to customize input fields CSS.

[2014-07-14 - version 3.22 released]
- Added Interspire support.
- Added option to customize buttons size through layer size.

[2014-07-13 - version 3.20 released]
- Page speed load optimization.
- Enable/disable popups pre-load.
- Multi-steps opt-in process.

[2014-07-11 - version 3.12 released]
- Added Ontraport (Office Auto Pilot) support.

[2014-07-10 - version 3.10 released]
- Added option to enable/disable plugin modules.
- Added Social Buttons module.
- Added Social Locker mode.

[2014-07-07 - version 3.00 released]
- Optimized internal architecture.

[2014-06-27 - version 2.80 released]
- Added MailPoet (WYSIJA) support.
- Added ActiveCampaign support.

[2014-06-25 - version 2.71 released]
- Added Font Awesome spinner to buttons.

[2014-06-24 - version 2.70 released]
- Added Font Awesome support.
- Added input field border width/radius customiztion.
- Added button border radius customiztion.

[2014-06-18 - version 2.60 released]
- Added Benchmark support.
- Added Sendy support.

[2014-06-07 - version 2.50 released]
- Added A/B testing campaigns: create unlimited number of A/B testing campaigns and get statistics.
- Added Google/Universal event tracker [beta]: track "show". and "subscribe" events with each popup.

[2014-06-04 - version 2.30 released]
- Added "inline" mode. Now you can use any popup as a part of post/page content.

[2014-05-26 - version 2.21 released]
- Added Mad Mimi support.
- Added extended e-mail address validation (through MX-records).

[2014-04-25 - version 2.10 released]
- Added option to display popup on exit intent, popup is displayed when user moves mouse pointer to the top edge of browser window assuming that he/she is going to close/exit the page.

[2014-04-18 - version 2.05 released]
- Added option to add several admin e-mails (for notification) for each popup.
- Added option to load only OnLoad popups (for people who use OnLoad popups only and don't use OnClick popups).

[2014-02-06 - version 2.00 released]
- Added contact form option
- Added confirmation layer option
- Updated default popups

[2014-01-13 - version 1.80 released]
- Added MyMail integration
- Added layer scrollbar (experimetnal)

[2013-11-18 - version 1.70 released]
- Added feature to add different popup per page, post, custom post type through post/page editor.

[2013-11-10 - version 1.65 released]
- Opt-in locker
- Multisite installation support
- Autoclose delay for on page load popups
- Option to send subscription form details to admin
- ESC-button handler

[2013-11-07 - version 1.62 released]
- Added option to attach popups to menu items

[2013-11-02 - version 1.60 released]
- Added AWeber support
- Added shortcode support
- Added 2 more demo popups
- Improved video popups
- Fixed FireFox issue

[2013-10-30 - version 1.40 released]
- Initial Release


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