Magento 2 Advanced Extra Fee Extension by MageComp

Code / PHP


Want to provide additional services to your store customer as a part of customer service? Offer extra paid services like gift wrapping, fast delivery, extended warranty, or other product-related services that offer more convenience to your customer and let your customer choose from it. Such paid services are not required by all customers to it is better to provide selection instead of hiking product price by adding service charges. So, if your customer needs such service they can select while checkout. Magento 2 Advanced Extra Fee Extension by MageComp allows the admin to add multiple add-on services from which your customer can choose their required service while the frontend checkout. Moreover, you can also force your customer to choose any of paid addons while checkout using backend option. Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Advanced Extra Fee Extension: • Option to enable or disable the extension. • All the added paid addons will display in the separate frontend checkout step. • You can set customer frontend checkout step title. • Option to force your customer to make compulsory checkout addon selection. • Using backend option, the admin can add multiple checkout addons & its price. • Enable or disable customer comment box if needed. • If the admin have set checkout addons as required field, the extension will not allow your customer to proceed further. • The extension will display selected checkout addon everywhere in Magento order summary view.

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