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Magento 2 Bulk Coupon Delete

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The Bulk Coupon Delete Extension for Magento 2 permits the store owner to delete the cart price and catalog price from the backend of the store without any delay.

The main agenda of the E-commerce stores to provide coupon codes is to plan the marketing frameworks and stimulate buyers in their store. Coupon codes are mostly provided to the customers in the product items or at the checkout for a fixed time period. The coupon codes are beneficial to both the customers and the store owner as the customers can get the product at a reduced price and the store owner can earn excess income. You can utilize coupon code benefits on either full or partial orders. The customer sanctions the coupon code at the checkout process, then all the conditions are matched and if they are satisfied then the customer can grab the product at an applied discount price by means of the cart price rules.

However, when the offer promotions get through, the store owner has to delete all the cart price rules one by one himself from the backend of the store. Unluckily, Magento does not provide the in-built feature to remove the cart price rules at a time.

The Bulk Coupon Delete Extension for Magento 2 allows the admin to remove the cart price rules in plenty from the store backend. The admin can also remove the catalog price rules in bulk. All this utterly preserves the time and efforts of the store owner. With this extension, the admin can flexibly handle the coupon codes from the backend.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Bulk Coupon Delete Extension for Magento 2?

• Enables the admin to delete cart price rules in a bulk. • Provides the admin to delete the catalog price in bulk at once. • Mass delete successively saves time and labor. • Flexible management of coupon restrictions.

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