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Magento 2 Bulk SMS Marketing by Meetanshi enables running SMS campaigns to promote your store's offers.

E-commerce businesses opt for various platforms to promote their products, offers and SMS marketing is one of the effective ways! To help Magento 2 store owners run SMS campaigns smoothly, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Bulk SMS Marketing extension that allows sending SMS in bulk to customers.

The module facilitates sending transactional or promotional SMS by integrating the Magento 2 store with SMS API. Promote the offers or deals that you offer and make the most out of the contact numbers you have collected over time!

The Magento 2 Bulk SMS Marketing extension is an easy way to create, manage, and schedule SMS campaigns for effective SMS marketing.

Benefits of Magento 2 Bulk SMS Marketing Extension:

  • Allows integration of messaging API with sender ID, API URL, and the authorization key
  • Send either transactional or promotional SMS
  • Conduct API testing after integration by adding the mobile number
  • Import customers' contact numbers via CSV and send them promotional SMSs
  • The backend grid, "Manage Phonebook" lists all the imported contacts
  • The grid allows to filter imported phonebook contacts and delete them manually
  • Configure SMS texts using system variables
  • The "Manage Campaigns" grid facilitates creating, managing, and scheduling SMS campaigns on a fixed date and hour of the day.
  • The "Run Now" button enables to run a campaign for sending SMS immediately from the "Manage Campaigns" grid
  • Select the customers for sending SMSs by adding their contacts at the time of creating the campaigns 
  • "SMS Logs" grid lists the API provider's details
  • Use the filters like the status of the message sent or failed to enable deleting in bulk

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