Magento 2 Cancel Order Extension by MageComp

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Many times, your customer is not even happy after placing an order online. Maybe because they have found the same product elsewhere at an affordable price or they have their own reasons why they don't want the product anymore. But in your Magento store, your customer can not cancel any order from the frontend once they have a complete checkout process. Because of this, the admin has to manually respond and handle customer order cancellation requests which become cumbersome & time-consuming task for the admin. Instead of that allowing your customer to cancel their order from the frontend helps a lot to save time at both the hands. Magento 2 Cancel Order Extension by MageComp lets store customer cancel their order manually from the store frontend with our requesting admin to cancel an order from the backend. Also, the extension sends an email notification to the admin regarding order cancellation once the customer cancels his or her order from the frontend. Also, the admin can quickly get the list of all cancel orders at once by navigating to the backend grid. Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Cancel Order Extension: • Option to enable or disable the extension. • Backend option to enable order cancellation popup. • If the admin has enabled cancellation popup, the extension it will ask users to specify the reason why they want to cancel their order else extension will directly cancel the order. • You can also customize the front-end popup by setting up a custom title, notice and reasons. • The extension comes with a backend option for adding multiple order cancellation reasons. • Also, you can enable the cancellation popup for specific customer groups if needed. • Using email settings, you can set your preferred email sender and template for sending email notifications. • The extension contains a backend canceled order grid, to see a list of all canceled orders along with customer specified reason.

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