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Basically, with an increase in technologies the mindset of people around the globe has shifted towards online shopping. Mostly there is a rise in online stores and the competition is increased for the online market. E-commerce stores that offer best features and functionalities to their customers rule the online market. Mainly the payment functionalities are considered as a crucial feature to provide to your customers. One must be sure that they offer online payment functionality which is safe and secured. With the help of quick and secured payment options, the customer can effortlessly.

MageComp introduced CCAvenue Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2 stores that allows the store owner to receive the payment from their store customers with different payment methods such as Debit Card, Net Banking, bank transfer, Credit Card, etc. The admin is capable of setting the custom title for payment to display on the frontend of the store. Admin can choose particular countries to restrict for paying using this payment option. CCAvenue Payment Gateway Extension possesses sandbox testing mode for testing functionality. The admin is also able to set and designate the order status based on the payment status.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s CCAvenue Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2?

  • Seamless setup and configuration in your store.
  • Select specific countries for payment restriction.
  • Admin can set a custom title to display on the frontend.
  • The extension contains a Built-in sandbox testing mode.
  • Designate the order status based on the payment transaction.
  • Deliver the safe and secured payment option to your customers.

For More Details: Magento 2 CCAvenue Payment Gateway Extension

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