Magento 2 Customer Specific Discount Extension

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The Customer Specific Discount module for Magento 2 empowers you to provide special discounts to specific customers by creating individual cart price rules for them.

Unfortunately, Default Magento 2 cart price rule has some limitations and is not available out of the box. But this Customer-specific Discount Extension lets you implement an individual approach to customers by providing them with special discounts. If Admin wants, he can inform selected customers about the discount he is giving, so a discounted price motivates them to purchase more.

Customer Specific discount extension allows you to select certain customers from the customer grid in the new tab “Customers” of cart price rules. If Admin wishes to assign the rules to specific customers, Admin does not need to select any customer groups, Admin can separately choose particular customers.

One of the important features of this extension is Admin can also select Multiple Customers for a single rule. Only those customers can access that discount rule, others are restricted to that particular rule.

In spite of common rules, Sometimes we need to provide some special discounts to specific customers. And the Customer Specific discount extension is the best solution for this.

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