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Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar

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The Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento 2 stores aids to stimulate the customers in expanding the cart value in order to get the benefit of free shipping.

If we look at the customer preferences on free shipping, 90% of them will choose to buy the product if it is offered with free shipping. Also, businesses offering free shipping to their customers see a 20% higher exchange rate in contradiction to those without free shipping options. Hence from these stats, it is clear that offering free shipping in the E-commerce business is integral. However, it is quite momentous to let customers know that you are offering free shipping because it might affect your business sales if the customers are not aware of the free shipping.

The Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar Extension by MageComp enables the admin to display a free shipping bar on several pages of their website in order to allure the customers to buy more and reach the cart value set by the admin. The extension also enables you to display messages to the user based on the cart value. Additionally, the admin is also capable of setting the date and time of the free shipping bar and can make it available for a particular group of customers.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento 2?

• Easily show the free shipping bar on numerous pages. • Stimulate the users to increase the cart value in order to avail themselves the free shipping. • The store owner can increase the sales of the business by the increased cart value. • The store owner can easily set a cart price for customers to avail of free shipping. • Effortless modification of free shipping bar. • The store owner is granted powers to allow free shipping to a specific bunch of customers to avail of the free shipping. • With the use of this extension, the admin can also set the date and time of the free shipping bar to be active. • Exhibit the accomplishment message of the free shipping.

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