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Magento 2 Maintenance Page by Meetanshi enables a user friendly page instead of broken website when the store is in maintenance mode or is about to launch!

Online Magento 2 stores may undergo changes from time to time such as upgrading to the latest version, installing a new theme, or an extension. At these times, the store needs to be switched in the maintenance mode. However, doing so displays a broken link. It's not advisable from the SEO perspective. The solution is the Magento 2 Maintenance Page extension.

Also, if you are about to launch your Magento 2 store, a coming soon page can benefit you. Create a buzz about new products among potential customers. Enable social media buttons to increase engagement with them on social media. Enjoy the benefit of relevant keywords ahead of time using Magento 2 Coming Soon & Maintenance Page extension.

The Magento 2 Maintenance Page is a feature-rich extension that allows a countdown timer and adding pictures, sliders or videos in the page background to make it more attractive!

Benefits of Magento 2 Maintenance Page:

  • Easily switching the store to maintenance mode.
  • A countdown timer to switch back to live site.
  • Make the maintenance mode page attractive with pictures, sliders or videos in the background.
  • Grow your subscribers' list with a subscription box in the maintenance page.
  • Enable social media buttons for increasing engagement with potential customers.
  • Set up whitelist IPs that includes testers or developers.
  • Integrate Google Analytics on the maintenance page.
  • Leverage SEO benefit for the relevant keywords ahead of time.

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