Magento 2 Multi-Vendor WhatsApp Contact Pro

Code / PHP


Today, while shopping online your customer have tons of question in their mind before making purchase. And if they don’t get resolution to their queries they just left your store. But using typical medium to get in touch with your customer takes a lot of time to communicate and they just hate receiving delay reply. But if you see today everyone have their WhatsApp account and over 1.5 billion people are using WhatsApp, that provides golden opportunity for you to get in touch and Provide personalized touch.

However, situation is different when you have Multi-Vendor store with multiple sellers that sells their products on your marketplace. However as admin, you are not aware of all the products that are sold by your vendors. This makes difficult for you to provide support for the store products. Instead, setting up a system by which your customer can get help from respective vendors will help you to fulfill your customer needs and reduce contact inquiries in your Marketplace.

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