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Magento 2 Order Verification by Meetanshi help prevent fake orders by validating them via OTP sent to the registered mobile number, at the checkout step.

As a Magento 2 store owner, have you ever faced the issue of fake orders placed? Such orders are a part of prank or mischief that proves wastage of time and money. The order management system can be improved and such fake orders can be avoided using Meetanshi's Order Verification for Magento 2!

The idea to verify the orders at checkout via OTP before placing an order can be implemented using this extension. Restrict the "Place Order" button unless the customer verifies the order via OTP. Also, "Resend OTP" button can be implemented with customized text.

Save yourself from the turmoil of packaging, delivering and order management of fake orders with Magento 2 Order Verification module. Improve security with OTP verification using the registered mobile number.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Order Verification extension:

  • Avoid fake orders by verifying them via OTP at the checkout step.
  • Better order management system with reduced fake orders.
  • Compatible with Msg91 and Textlocal to send SMS for the OTP on registered mobile number.
  • Admin can enable order verification on the specific payment methods.
  • Order verification based on customer groups.
  • A customer can access the "Place Order" button only after the order is verified using the "Verify Mobile Number" button and enter the OTP sent to the mobile number.
  • Support for a custom message for the OTP text SMS.
  • Set a customizable message at checkout step for the "Resend OTP" button in the frontend.
  • Enhanced security.

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