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Magento 2 Quantity Dropdown by Meetanshi allows store owners to enable the quantity dropdown instead of the quantity box to restrict bulk purchase.

Magento 2 allows customers to input the quantity items in the quantity box at the time of the purchase. If the store owner wants to set a minimum number of purchase or restrict the bulk purchase, the quantity box does not support this validation. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Quantity Dropdown extension.

The Quantity Dropdown for Magento 2 extension allows admin to enable the quantity dropdown instead of the quantity box. It enables the admin to sell a minimum number of products as a part of advertisements or campaigns. Also, stock management can be done easily by restricting bulk purchases.

With Magento 2 Quantity Dropdown extension, the user can select the item quantity within a specific range only. Effectively save the shipping and the packaging costs of fragile or heavy products with the help of the restriction on the quantity set using the module.

Benefits of Magento 2 Quantity Dropdown:

  • Admin can use the quantity dropdown list in place of the input box.
  • Admin can set product quantity incremental value with total price in quantity dropdown.
  • Set the maximum quantity value to show quantity for increment type dropdown.
  • Hide the quantity value that is larger than the quantity in stock.
  • The extension enables the dropdown list on the product page, category page, and wishlist page.
  • Set quantity dropdown for all or selected products of the Magento 2 store.
  • The extension can be used with simple and configurable Magento 2 product types.

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