Magento 2 Quick Order Extension

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Magento 2 Quick Order extension allows all users to quickly order without visiting each product. Our extension gives support for all types of products. Guest users also use this feature to bulk order. Quick Order provides the most convenient steps for special bulk orders. Users can appear in this extension link at the Top Link or Navigation Menu section after config from the backend.

Provides B2B customers with the instance search product using AJAX. It also provides entering multiple SKUs and import SKUs using a CSV file. B2B customers already know what they need and don’t want to spend much time. In such a case, adding items to cart with one click, easily update the product options, quantity and delete products. This extension also displays the subtotal value on the Quick Order page. Dolphin Magento 2 Quick Order directly goes to the checkout page when clicking on the checkout button with adding products.

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