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Magento 2 Quickbooks Payments by Meetanshi integrates the Quickbooks payment gateway with Magento 2 store for secure online payments.

Quickbooks Payments by Intuit is a popular and trusted payment gateway used globally. Ensuring secure online payments in the store, Quickbooks payments enables to process payments easier and faster. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Quickbooks Payments extension for the integration of Quickbooks payment gateway with Magento 2 store.

Customer trust and ease of payment are essential for every Magento 2 store. The module exactly delivers it! Improve the shopping experience of the Magento 2 store using Meetanshi's module.

The direct method used by the extension makes it possible to process the payments faster. Hence, handle large payment data without any issues, only with the Magento 2 Quickbooks Payments.

Benefits of Magento 2 Quickbooks Payments Extension:

  • Accept secure online payments in Magento 2 store using the Quickbooks payment gateway
  • Quick payment processing due to the Direct method
  • The admin can set a custom title for the Quickbook payment method.
  • Option to display the Quickbooks payments logo on the checkout page.
  • Offers sandbox mode for testing
  • The admin has to ensure the successful API connectivity using the client ID and client secret offered by the payment gateway.
  • Support for the Authorize and Authorize and Capture payment actions
  • Allow only the selected countries to use the payment method
  • Offers debug mode
  • Display additional details on the checkout page
  • Allow using the payment method for the set minimum and maximum order total only
  • Handle a large amount of data without any interruption as payments are processed faster
  • Customers can check the "My Accounts" section for the payment details
  • The admin can check the Order View section for the payment details
  • Allows creating an order from the backend

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