Magento 2 Referral Extension | Refer A Friend

Code / PHP


Affiliate marketing is one of the best tools to attract client’s attention to your online store. Customers Affiliate Program drives massive traffic to your website and increase your store sales. Provides affiliates with promo materials and complete stats reports. Furthermore, a separate section of ‘My Rewards’ adds to each customer account that assists them to know remaining targets & rewards earned by successful registration and orders.

Highlighted Features of Refer a Friend (1.0.0)

- Both the invitee & invited customers get rewards
- Store owner can set rules for awards & discounts
- Fixed/percentage award amount on orders
- Customers can share referral link on social media
- A personalized ‘My Rewards’ section for every customer
- Use custom discount labels for referred customers
- Select expiry date for rewards
- Promote products of your store
- Boost store sales and conversions

Other Features:

- Quality Code
- Quick Updates
- Dedicated Support
- 45 days money back guarantee

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