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Magento 2 Restrict Cash On Delivery

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The Magento 2 cash on delivery restricts module enables limiting specific locations on the basis of zip codes. Also, all the zip codes will be imported through CSV files.

The cash on Delivery payment method accounts for the bulk of online purchases in various nations. This payment method helps to form a belief and supports procure first-time customers quickly.

There is no doubt that cash on delivery options aid a lot in the success of an eCommerce business but still can face difficulties in many areas. If the customer wants to return back the product, it will cost the seller courier charge twice, money management can get difficult at times, money realization into the account can take much time to reflect into the account, and a whole lot more reasons are there. Because of that reason, many store admins choose to restrict the cash on delivery as a payment method. Therefore, MageComp has launched the Magento 2 cash on a delivery plugin which benefits to restrict COD as a payment option.

The Magento 2 cash on delivery module enables restricting COD as a payment option. The store admins can upload a CSV file with all the zip codes to restrict COD payment. The customers can check whether COD payment is available in their region by providing the zip code. A suitable message for the availability or unavailability will be shown to the users.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Restrict Cash On Delivery Extension for Magento 2?

1. Alternative to restrain Cash on Delivery for particular areas. Backend alternative to upload CSV files to upload various zip codes. 2. Set customized cash on delivery availability/unavailability message on the frontend. 3. Shoppers can verify whether the cash on delivery is possible by entering their zip codes. 4. If the COD is restricted, then it will automatically hide the option at the checkout.

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