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When managing Magento 2 store the main focus of any store owner is the customers should never experience inconvenience in shopping. In this focus whole store functionalities include such as product content, product pictures, payment methods, and much more. When preparing this the important points to focus on is the shipping. In the process of shipping when the product is shipped until received by the customers is very important. So to provide top-notch shipping options to your customers is the responsibility of the store owner. This can be achieved by installing the Free extension provided by MageComp.

Magento 2 Shipping Restriction extension by MageComp is capable of enabling the store admin to hide all different shipping alternatives while the free shipping mode is possible. Shipping restriction is very important for providing top-notch customer experience because it helps in selecting the shipping method more precisely by your customers. Eventually, it will help you to improve your store's shipping options. If you are hunt for some more features and functionalities then contact now for more customization our professional developers are ready to help you out.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Magento 2 Shipping Restriction Extension?

  • Hide other shipping modes when free shipping is possible.
  • Eradicate all shipping problems with the Shipping Restriction module.
  • Provide top-notch shipping modes to your customers.
  • Raise your Magento 2 Store's customer experience.
  • Contact for more customization in Shipping restrictions Options.

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