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It is proven that nine-in-ten online searchers stick to the store brands. Additionally, customers always stick to a single brand. In a multi-brand store, shoppers expect to have a possibility to shop by brands.

Shoppers become emotionally attached to brands very quickly. Especially when the products they once found attractive and suitable confirm their quality regularly. Thus, the first thing they often do when they reach online stores is to browse by their favorite brand. Apparently, it is better not to stand in the customers' way when they are rushing to their favorite brands. with Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension, you can make the brand-to-customer connection a lot easier and well-directed.

Shop by Brand Magento 2 extension creates a separate searching tool for your shoppers to freely investigate each brand on your website. All brands will be gathered on one page to let your visitors choose from. After clicking any of the brands the category page will be open and products related to that brand will be listed there. Moreover, each brand will have its own space which contains the description, logo, and products. It is obvious that your shoppers now can shop with ease when being able to filter items by brands.

Another important point of this extension is that if the admin wants to display a featured brand slider then he can do that simply by adding a custom widget from the backend. Admin can create as many brands as they want, edit brand details (name, description, and image), filterable by brand, and easily customize the product page and product list page. Admin can also set the Meta details for the brand page. Customers will easily be able to sort brands by alphabetical names and also in Asc and Desc order. For more detail : Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension

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