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Magento 2 Social Login

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The Social Login Extension for Magento 2 enables the store owner to improve the user experience by enabling social login, hence, eradicating the long and arduous registration process.

In order to enhance the E-commerce store revenue and get the most out of the engagements from the customers, continuously thinking to enhance the user experience is a must. One such way to improve user experience is to reduce the long and arduous registration and login process. On visiting the site, the customers are liable to complete certain login details which consume their time and as a result, they abandon the cart as it is imperative to login in order to reach checkout.

If we look at the stats, it says that of the total users, 86% of them are annoyed to create a new account on websites, 75% of them are upset with password weary, 43% of them do not want to handle a new password.

The above stats exhibit that adding social login buttons to websites is an ideal way. So that the password fatigue of customers will also be diminished and they can quickly login or register to websites. Moreover, the social login buttons eliminate the need to fill in all the registration details in websites and also are helpful to fetch additional details about the user if we look at the marketing intent.

The Magento 2 Social Login Extension by MageComp enables the customers to have speed on the registration and login process by enabling the social login buttons of Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The extension allows the store admin to enable the social button on the registration, login, and checkout page and at the desired location.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Social Login Extension for Magento 2? • The extension helps in accelerating the registration and login process on the website. • Elimination of the arduous sign-up and sign-in process on the integration of this module. • Locate the social login buttons as per the preference. • Option to display social buttons on various pages. • The module helps to assist various social media accounts like Google, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. • Remove long and arduous registration steps.

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