Magento 2 Wallet and Reward Points Extension

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Let your customers make the payment from their wallet system at the time of checkout. Customers can easily add credit amounts, earn rewards points, use credit while purchasing, and view transaction history from their accounts. Also, the admin can control everything from the backend.

In today’s world, we see how technologies influence different areas of our life, letting us save a great amount of time, money, and effort. Certainly, the e-commerce industry is constantly developing and new tools are appearing. thus, providing business owners with significant assistance in online store administration.

Wallet/Reward extension is an alternative payment gateway that allows your customers to add money to their wallets and then makes payments directly using wallet cash. The users can use this cash during the checkout process and the applicable amount is deducted from their wallet system. They can easily credit the required amount to their wallet.

To use the Wallet Payment feature customers must have to register themselves to the store. Once registered they can see the Wallet-related information in the “My Account” section of the Store. The customer can easily add money to the Wallet and can use them for purchase from the Store. It works as a digital wallet where customers store their digital cash.

Customer loyalty leads to profits. By rewarding shoppers with points for their activities ― such as repeat purchases, leaving a review, newsletter subscription, and more ― you not only get to achieve business-specific marketing objectives but keep your customers returning.

This extension is a simple technique to motivate and encourage the customers to shop more from your website and also provides a facility to the registered customers to earn the reward points after successful order completion. They can use those points as a wallet credit on their next purchase. Thus, the Reward Point feature helps the Magento 2 store owners to make their store popular among the customers.

Reward Management is quite familiar among customers. As the basic concept is easy for customers to understand. It helps to encourage customers to make more purchases from the website. It is simply a way to appreciate and thank the customers for shopping from your website. Customers can check their own transaction history in the “My Account” section.

Also, the users have the facility to earn the reward points through referring their friends and family and also when the referred customer purchases the products from the website. Reward points are displayed in the backend which is configured by the store administrator.

Also, the admin can manually manage the customer's account from the wallet tab under the customer section in the backend. Admin can manage refund credit to the customer on order cancel or credit memo.

Another important feature of this extension is that the admin can see withdrawal requests from all the customers. Also, the admin can see all the transaction history of credit in the backend. Check our demo for more detail.

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