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Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that trigger at the top or side of the browser screen on mobile and desktop device. Though they are small snippets, they carry immense power to re-engage the online audience. Magento 2 Web Push Notification Module from Knowband is a feature-rich extension that has capabilities to drive online visitors without taking their personal information. This Web Push Notification For Magento 2 works by sending the latest updates on new arrivals, launches, product price alerts and back in stock alerts to the subscribed customers of the store. As the user clicks on that popup they are redirected to that specific URL of that product or cart page.

How push notifications are powerful? Just like an email newsletter, visitors subscribe for push notifications. The only difference between a subscription email and Magento 2 Push Notification for web browsers is that you don’t ask for sensitive information like name, email or phone from the customers. All you need to drive the customer is just a click, nothing extra. This makes web push notifications so powerful, convenient and impacting.

Is Magento 2 Web Push Notification browser compatible? Online users can use any browser platform to explore eCommerce stores. Magento 2 Cart Reminder Push Notification Module offers one great advantage that web push notifications work in Chrome, Firefox, on desktop and Android browser on mobile.

Email vs Push Notifications Most of the eCommerce store owners commonly use web push notifications to make money from the existing traffic. We can't completely substitute the Web push notifications for email, but browser notifications are a sure power tool to drive engagement with your customers.

Magento 2 Order Status Update Push Notification Module immediately engages a user, by delivering messages to the user’s personal device, be that their mobile phone or their tablet. They can't ignore it. Whenever the push notification is delivered to the users, you can start up the interaction at that instant only.

Improve Opt-in rate Magento 2 Browser Notification extension helps to increase the Opt-in rate which is one of the most important marketing metrics. This metric basically represents the percentage of users, who interact with your product and subscribe to related push notifications.

Response time Magento 2 Website Push Notification extension perform outstandingly in terms of clicks and comparison to subscription emails. Push alerts or browser notifications have shorter response times in comparison to subscription emails.

When you promote a flash sale or other time-limited offers at your store, response time majorly matters and so Magento 2 Web Push Notifications extension will serve you better results.

Boost Conversion with Push Campaigns With Magento 2 Push Notification for web browsers, you can start push notification campaigns for your store.

Welcome Push: Welcome Push Notifications can be incorporated using Magento 2 Cart Reminder Push Notification Module that asks user permission to send site alerts on their browser screen. The customer can approve or deny the web push notifications as required for their website. Abandoned Cart Push: Abandoned Cart Alerts incoporated using Web Push Notification module can be used to remind customers regarding their pending cart. You can link the cart reminder popup to their cart page so that they can effectively reach and complete their purchase on the store. Instant Push: These instant push campaigns can be used to promote new products, announce sales and specific discounts. All your subscribers will get this notification whether they are online or offline from the store.

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