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Magento Cookie Notice by Meetanshi is a FREE module to comply your store with EU's GDPR Cookie policy.

Cookies are text files that store visitors' details in order to improve user experience and analysis. However, as per the EU's GDPR Cookie Law makes it compulsory for the business to ask for the users' consent before collecting their data. It applies to Magento stores as well! Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento Cookie Notice extension to make it easy for the admin to comply with the Cookie law!

The module allows displaying cookie notice in either a notice bar or a popup. Its position and layout can be customized. Also, display a custom text with the feature-rich extension.

Magento Cookie Notice extension is what you need to win customers' trust! Make sure that customers acknowledge that your business takes care of their privacy!

Benefits of Magento Cookie Notice:

  • Display cookie notice in either notification bar or popup.
  • Set custom position for the bar or popup in the frontend.
  • Admin can choose any of the below events when a user closes the cookie notice:
    • not show again
    • hide for the day
    • hide for the session
  • Automatically hide cookie notice bar or the popup after a fixed configured time.
  • Option to auto accept cookie after specific seconds.
  • Configuration to expire the cookie agreement after X number of days.
  • Accept cookies automatically on scroll action.
  • Display custom cookie consent message.
  • Display custom text for accept, close, and privacy policy buttons on the cookie notice.
  • The visitors can be redirected to the selected privacy policy page for more details on cookie usage.
  • The admin can display custom notice bar or popup in terms of text, font type, text color, alignment, background color, and position

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