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Google is a well-known search engine giant that has made a big name in the field of online business. The search engine is influencing the growth chances of eCommerce stores to a very large extent. It can help in optimizing the performance of your eCommerce store by providing high-quality product feed to reach the right people with relevant product ads. With Google Shopping, it is online shopping sites can display their product images and prices right at the top of the search results. Google Shopping is powered by two platforms: AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is where you can make your product feed live. AdWords is where your actual shopping campaigns are created. You can set your budget, manage your bids, gain insights, and make optimizations based on performance in Google AdWords.

KnowBand offers Magento Google Shopping Integrator Extension that enables Magento store owners to advertise their products on Google listed on different Marketplaces. This helps sellers to attract a huge no. of audience towards their products and services. Customers can also compare prices for the same products from a single platform. Its seamless technology enables sellers to easily download and install it on their website. After successful integration, Magento store owners can easily list their products on Google shopping and becomes ready to spin some potential leads.

Features offered By Magento Google Shopping Integration:

1. The Magento Google Shopping Integration addon automates the entire process of listing the products on Google Shopping from the eCommerce site.

2. The store admin can automatically update the product inventory between the two stores from the back-end of the Google Shopping Magento Integration extension.

3. The Magento Google Shopping API integration offers real-time synchronization of products, inventory and between the Google Shopping API and Magento store is an easy means to excel the online businesses.

4. The store admin gets an option to create N number of profiles in the back-end of the Magento Google Shopping Integration extension.

5. The profile-based upload allows the admin to list the products in bulk. Moreover, any changes required in the product details can be done by making changes in the profile created in the back-end of the Google Shopping Magento API integration addon.

6. The store admin gets an easy option to keep a track of the products listed in the Google merchant center in the ‘Product Listing’ tab of the Magento Google Shopping connector.

7. Magento Google Shopping Feed synchronization plugin even allows the admin to delete the products or view the errors that occurred while product listing.

8. The real-time synchronization offered by the Magento Google Shopping Integration module makes tracking and feed management easier for the store admin.

9. The status of the actions performed can be viewed in the audit log section of the Google Shopping Magento Integrator.

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