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Magento Image Clean

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Improve customer experience at your Magento store with increased page load speed. Improve the page load speed and optimize the Magento store by deleting the unused product and category products with Meetanshi's Magento Image Clean.

The module helps free some disk space! Optimized store with improved page load speed delivers a good user experience. Admin can get rid of the unused images from the media folder with the Magento Image Clean.

Image Clean for Magento allows admin to verify the images to make sure that only unused images are deleted. The backend grid lists all the unused product and category images and its path.

It is important to back up the website data before installing Magento Image Clean extension.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Image Clean:

  • Offers separate grids for the list of unused product and category images.
  • Delete multiple images easily with a single click after selection.
  • Option to delete a single image by using the delete action.
  • The grid does not contain images from the deactivated categories and disabled products as they are not considered as useless.
  • Optimize Magento┬ástore by removing unused images.

For more information, visit https://meetanshi.com/magento-image-clean.html

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