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Magento One Page Checkout Extension by Knowband

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Magento one page checkout extension by Knowband incorporates a simplified checkout process on your Magento store. Magento one step checkout is a clear and effective way to reduce the rates of cart abandonment. A customer usually gets frustrated while encountering various checkout hassles during an item checkout. To eliminate out all the checkout complications, store merchant can replace multiple checkout pages with a Magento one page supercheckout. Online customers always look for fast and responsive services when they are about to shop from a store. So, Magento one page checkout module brings you a perfect opportunity to create some value for your customers by making the checkout process more user-friendly.

Striking Highlights of Magento one page supercheckout extension

1. Incorporates a Responsive Page Checkout: Magento one page checkout module replaces the multi-step checkout with a simple and responsive one step checkout at your store.

2. Feature-rich and Highly Customizable: Magento quick checkout extension offers multiple features which can be easily configured as per site theme without requiring any technical skills.

3. Option to Guest Checkout: Magento fast checkout extension offers the functionality of guest checkout. If the guest registration setting is enabled from the backend, then the guest users will be automatically registered with the store and they will receive an account password on their email ID.

4. Choose Default Method: This one step checkout Magento extension by Knowband allows the merchant to choose a default method from three options: login, register, and guest checkout.

5. Easy Social Login Options: Magento fast checkout extension offers smart and configurable social login options including Google+ and Facebook. Admin can configure the app ID and app secret key for the two social accounts.

6. Custom Fields: Magento one page checkout extension lets you show/hide various fields of shipping address and payment address sections of the checkout page. They can mark the fields as required field as per their site needs.

7. Configurable Shipping and Payment Methods: Magento one page supercheckout extension gives an option to configure the different payment and shipping methods displayed at the checkout page. Any shipping or payment method can be set as a default method if the admin requires for their store.

8. Configurable Cart Popup: Magento fast checkout extension offers a configurable cart popup to the e-merchants. The complete cart description can be enabled/disabled from the backend as required. Admin can show promotional banners and related products in the cart section of one page checkout.

9. Modifiable Cart Fields: The various cart fields can be enabled or disabled separately for the logged in customers and guest customers of the store.

10. Elegant Design Layouts: This Responsive checkout Magento module offers configurable layout designs for one step checkout. The three layout designs include 1 column, 2 column or 3 column.

11. Responsive Themes: The different themes offered by Magento one page checkout extension are flawlessly compatible with the mobile and tablet devices.

12. Additional HTML Content: This one step checkout Magento extension by Knowband lets admin add extra HTML blocks of content like text, image, and links over the single page checkout.

Benefits of Magento one page supercheckout to Store Merchants

1. Responsive one page checkout by Knowband is an effortless means to improve the buying experience of the online users which impacts the site conversions as well.

2. One Page Checkout offers a quick and hassle-free way to purchase an item from the store. Thus, this greatly improves the bounce rates and cart abandonment rate of the website.

3. Magento fast checkout extension reduces the loading time consumed in multiple checkout steps which significantly improves the overall efficiency of the site.

One Page Checkout benefits to Online Customers

1. During checkout, the customers can easily view and update the purchase quantity of an item. Along with the cart description, they can also apply voucher code on the cart products.

2. The mobile responsiveness of Magento one page supercheckout eases customer in performing checkout in an effortless manner.

3. One Page Checkout for Magento saves the shopping time of the online customers.

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One Page Checkout extension is also available for Magento 2 platform

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