Magento Shipping Per Product

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Magento Shipping Per Product by Meetanshi facilitates charging flat rate shipping per product.

Fumbling with shipping calculators? Fed up with the wrong calculations of shipping charges in the Magento store?

If yes, the solution to your problems is Meetanshi's Magento Shipping Per Product extension!

With the help of the module, charge flat rate shipping for every product in the Magento store. Having a variety of products with different weight, shipping address, etc. the extension can be handy to calculate accurate shipping charge!

Benefits of Magento Shipping Per Product:

  • Assign individual flat rate shipping charge for each product.
  • Option to assign the default rate when individual products are not assigned individual shipping charge.
  • Display custom title and method name in the frontend.
  • If the shipping cost is zero, admin can hide the method.
  • Enable the shipping per product for allowed countries only.
  • Display default error message when a shipping method is unavailable for the users.

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