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Magento WhatsApp Contact

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Magento WhatsApp Contact by Meetanshi allows customers to directly contact the store owner via WhatsApp.

Are you keen on offering the best customer service? Do not like to keep your customers waiting? If so, the Meetanshi's Magento WhatsApp Contact extension is for you. It allows customers to directly contact the Magento store owner via Whatsapp!

The extension helps to enhance the user experience and solve customers' queries instantly. Direct contact with a potential customer increases the chance of conversion by convincing them with the great features that your product or services offer!

Get the most out of Whatsapp messaging app for your Magento store! Solve customers' doubts instantly and be available right there for them every time they need a helping hand at your store! Everything with Magento WhatsApp Contact module.

Benefits of Magento WhatsApp Contact:

  • Show the WhatsApp Contact button on the desktop and mobile devices.
  • Display a customized default message to start WhatsApp chat with the admin.
  • Allow direct contact with the admin from the frontend by entering his mobile number
  • Use either icon or box button type
  • The button hover text, button background color, and icon color are customizable.
  • Display the contact button in the frontend for a specific date range or all the time as per the requirement.
  • Position the contact button at the top, bottom, left, and right position in pixels.
  • Offers sixteen button animation effects for highlighting the WhatsApp contact button.
  • Option for the visitors to close the contact button when not required.
  • The module is compatible with Whatsapp web, app, and the business app.

Learn:Magento WhatsApp Contact Configuration

For more information, visit https://meetanshi.com/magento-whatsapp-contact.html

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