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Magento WhatsApp Share Cart by Meetanshi allows users to share their shopping cart with their WhatsApp contacts!

Owing to the popularity of WhatsApp, it is the best marketing opportunity for Magento store owners. Aiding them in the process, Meetanshi has developed Magento WhatsApp Share Cart extension that allows users to share their shopping cart with friends and family via WhatsApp!

People tend to believe the recommendations of products by their loved ones. Keeping this fact in mind, the module can be a marketing strategy that boosts sales. 

The Magento WhatsApp Share Cart module allows users to share their cart to WhatsApp contacts, groups as well as the broadcast list using the "Share Cart" button.

Benefits of Magento WhatsApp Share Cart:

  • Show the share cart button for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Offer the WhatsApp Share Cart facility based on the customer group.
  • Show the default custom message in the WhatsApp while sharing the shopping cart.
  • Analyze the visits and conversions in Google Analytics made through the extension by setting UTM tracking from the backend.
  • Share the short bitly cart URLs via WhatsApp.
  • The customers can share their cart with multiple WhatsApp contacts, groups, and broadcasts at a time!

Learn: Magento WhatsApp Share Cart Configuration

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