Magneto Customer Attribute by MageComp

Code / PHP


In order to provide better user experience many time, the store owner wants to collect additional information from their customer while registration or their account. With the help of such personal information such as date of birth or anniversary information using which the store owner can serve personalized discounted offer. There are times when this information is very crucial during the registration of the store as it can be filled later depending on your business requirements. However, you cannot create such customer attributes from the Magento backend using traditional configuration.

Magento customer attribute by MageComp allows the store owner to create as well as manage multiple customer attributes from the Magento Backend. Using this extension, the admin can create multiple custom attributes by choosing the field type from the Text field, Text area, multiple select, date, yes/no and dropdown. The admin can control the visibility of the attribute and if required, can also set it mandatory for the customer registration. By adding specific fields to your billing or registration page can help you in gathering the required information regarding your customer.

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