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Million Money Clone Script

Code / PHP


A completely developed Cryptocurrency MLM Clone Script which holds the technology of ethereum smart contract. This smart contract MLM clone script can build an Decentralized Ethereum Matrix scheme like million money, where, more than 50 million users can perform p2p transactions at any cycle. The script is completely secured, and the smart contract written in the system can't be changed by third parties or by the outside source. Based on the business need, the admin can customize it. We at bitdeal provide complete smart contract development support, technical bug fixing support and deployment support with 24X7 continuous technical monitoring even after the project deployment Million money clone script features.

1. The Smart contract can be customized 2. Can Modify the blockchain with TRON, Tezos or EOS 3. The Developed decentralized eco-system can Hold More than 50 Million users 4. Can perform unlimited transactions per day 5. Allowed only one token inside the system. But before deployment we can decide the token 6. Instant Real time Check outs and payments 7. Number of days per cycle can be altered, and also the joining fees and the profit table also can be changed with the support of customized smart contract 8. Everything inside the system will be automated with the support of smart contract 9. No Scams, No Termination, The system Exist until the blockchain technology exists 10. fully Decentralized

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