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OpenCart Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App

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The online business is booming with various online selling and buying activities. There are no established rules for the eCommerce business to achieve greater conversion rates. One of the remarkable features of the OpenCart Marketplace App is that it enables the store admin to accept or reject the requests of the seller and allow them to add items to their marketplace. The OpenCart Marketplace App Builder by Knowband offers both buyers and sellers a win-win scenario because the eCommerce store admin gets inventory, and sellers get buyers. The OpenCart Advanced Marketplace Mobile App is a combo package of both OpenCart Mobile App Builder and OpenCart Marketplace.

How OpenCart Marketplace Can Help Store Admin?

1. Commission -

The OpenCart Multivendor Marketplace allows the store admin to simply manage commission rates for various sellers based on a worldwide rate premise or even set commission rates for individual vendors. Everything can be managed effortlessly by the admin from the store's backend.

2. Product And Category Option Usability -

The admin sets the number of products and categories for the sellers in the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace and gives them the opportunity to expand themselves into various areas. Furthermore, the store admin has complete authority over all decisions relating to limiting the number of product categories available to sellers on their marketplace store.

3. Easy Order Management-

Order management takes a considerable deal of human effort and time. The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module eliminates the need for order management. With the order management feature, the site admin and vendor will save a lot of time and money.

Some Amazing Features of OpenCart Multi-vendor Android & iOS Mobile App -

1. User Interface-

The OpenCart Multi Vendor App Plugin is the best option for the store admin due to the existence of an intuitive user interface that makes managing numerous tasks easy.

2. Push Notifications-

The push notification option in the OpenCart Marketplace Multivendor app is fantastic. It can provide all relevant information about the update, offers, updates of your online marketplace to buyers allowing them to purchase more.

3. Seller Information -

Buyers usually have no idea how to select the best seller when making an online purchase. As a result, a Multi-vendor App for OpenCart can provide a list of all sellers. Customers are also able to see their rating on the product page, which would help them make better online purchases.

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