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OpenCart Product Customization extension by Knowband

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Offering customers exactly what they want in the product is the best marketing strategy to grow the business and improve the revenue. The best way to do it is by asking the customers what they want. Knowband offers OpenCart Product Customization extension by which you can let your customers design the products by adding various attractive customizations. With the extension, you can add a designer panel on your eCommerce website and can allow your customers to design and purchase personalized products for themselves or for their loved ones.

With the OpenCart Product Designer/Customizer, you can not only improve your sales and revenue but also can retain your customers by providing them a better shopping experience on your eCommerce shop. Let's talk about the benefits and the features of this extension for your online business.

Merchant Benefits of the OpenCart Product Customization module:

1. The extension helps the e-merchant to get more sales on the online store and boost the overall revenue.

2. With the Knowband's OpenCart Product Customizer extension, the store owner can offer what the customers really want. The buyers can add their desired customizations and design the products according to their preferences. This will increase their loyalty towards your brand and will increase your business's customer retention rate.

3. The OpenCart Custom Product Designer extension helps in increasing engagement on your online store by allowing the customers and website visitors to try different attractive customizations on the products. The extension encourages the users to spend more time on the website.

4. With the Advanced Product Customizer module, the store owner can get a better customer insight and can know better what the customers really want to get. The e-merchant can add more similar customizations to increase sales.

5. Knowband's OpenCart Product Designer module enhances the shopping experience of the customers and makes their day special by allowing them to add a personal touch to the products they are ordering.

Major Characteristics of the OpenCart Custom Product Designer extension:

1. With the extension, the store owner can add a customizer panel on the website and can let the users design the products. The extension integrates a Customization button on the product pages which redirects the customers to the panel.

2. With the Knowband's Product Personalization extension, the store owner can offer impressive customization options like adding images, stickers, QR codes, text, apply filters, etc. The customers can also upload new images of the product from the panel.

3. The OpenCart Custom Product Design module offers transparency while displaying the cost of the customizations applied to the products. Customers can check the price of all the customizations done on the product right from the designer panel and can remove or add customizations accordingly.

4. The OpenCart Extended Product Customization module is easy to install and configure. No advanced coding knowledge is required to integrate the extension into your online store.

5. The store owner can set the customizations sides of the products from the back-end of the Knowband's OpenCart Product Customizer extension. If the admin sets 2 sides for the customizations then the customers will be able to customize both the front as well as the backside of the products like t-shirts.

6. With Knowband’s OpenCart Extended Product Customization extension, you can upload and add an ‘N’ number of new colors, images, stickers, and text styles from the back-end.

7. If the e-merchants wants to deactivate the OpenCart Custom Product Design extension from the website then he can easily do it from the back-end of the plugin.

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