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Integrating the OpenCart PWA Mobile App in the eCommerce website is one of the best decisions that an eCommerce business can ever make. The reason behind that is technology is changing at a rapid rate and it impacts user's purchase decisions more than ever. Earlier, online shoppers were choosing a desktop website for purchases, but now, the trend is changed to mobile shopping.

The customers feel more convenient while shopping online with the mobile app. The eCommerce apps can be a prime channel to drive more sales and engagement to the OpenCart website.

What is OpenCart PWA & How It Works?

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App gives the look and feel of the native Android and iOS apps and comes with web browser capabilities. The Progressive Web Application will be made live on the mobile URL of your website. Whenever any user opens your store URL on the mobile browser, he/she will be asked to "ADD TO HOME SCREEN". The OpenCart PWA App will be added to the device and any user can access the same to shop products anytime.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker

The store admin can convert the eCommerce website into a Progressive app by using the OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker. The extension synchronizes the eCommerce website inventory with the PWA Mobile App and all the changes performed in product inventory will get reflected in the front end automatically. No sort of manual inputs is required.

Major Features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker

1. White Label Solution: In order to perform an effective branding strategy it is important for the store admin to launch the eCommerce app under its brand name. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator helps the eCommerce business to launch the shopping app under their brand name. It also allows them to insert the app logo, brand name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. by accessing the admin panel of the progressive app.

2. Home Screen customization: It is now easy for the store admin to change the look and the feel of the eCommerce mobile app. The store owner can choose the intuitive colors and fonts from the admin panel of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App consists of a customizable home screen that allows the store admin to include its own banner, images, slider, etc. It helps to change the whole look and the feel of the PWA app. The countdown time banner can also be added by the store admin.

3. Easy Installation: Customers do not have to go to the Play and App store in order to access the mobile app. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App provides installation ease to the customers. They can easily install the eCommerce app on their home screen by clicking on the “Add to home screen” pop up while accessing the eCommerce website on the mobile browser.

4. Compatible With All Devices: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is cross-platform-dependent and can smoothly run on each device whether it is Android or iOS and mobile or tablet. It gets adapted to the screen size of the user's smartphone.

5. Real-Time Synchronization: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker integrates the eCommerce website product inventory and data with the progressive app. If the store admin performs any changes in the eCommerce store it will automatically get reflected in the PWA App. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator requires no manual interruptions from the side of the store admin. The changes can be performed even after the mobile app is live.

6. Push Notifications: It is the most amazing feature of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App especially known for engaging customers and attracting visitors. The store admin can send unlimited push notifications to make customers aware of current discounts, offers, and other updates. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder can send push notifications even if the shopping app is closed and the screen is locked.

7. Email & Social Login Options: The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker consists of social login options (Facebook and Google) and email login/registration options. This feature allows customers to skip the lengthy sign in and registration process and saves them from entering unnecessary details.

8. Single Page Checkout: The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator lowers the cart abandonment rate by preventing the customers to fill up unnecessary information. The users only have to fill in a few required details to complete the transactions in the Progressive Web App.

9. Multiple Payment and Shipping Method Support: It is very important for the store admin to provide multiple payments and shopping options to the customers. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App has all the payment and shipping options available on eCommerce websites. The multiple currencies available on the eCommerce website can also be added to PWA apps.

10. Multilingual and RTL Support: If the eCommerce merchant wants to target more customers from the global and regional areas then it becomes very important to have the mobile app in their preferred languages. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App gives you the benefits of integrating the website language available in the eCommerce app. So it became easy for the store admin to target multiple region customers at once.

11. Supports Offline Mode: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator allows the customers to access the mobile app even if they are not connected to the internet. The users can still fetch the products, add them to wishlist and cart, compare them, etc. without the need of having an internet connection. This feature will also help in boosting the website sales.

12. Zopim and WhatsApp Chat Support: It should always be the first priority of the store admin to solve customer queries and issues. The Mobile App for OpenCart PWA consists of Zopim and WhatsApp Chat features that allow the customer to get connected with the store admin regarding their queries. The customer can ask their queries 24*7 and the store admin can get them resolved in no time.

13. Lightweight: Users already have so much data in their smartphones. Having heavy apps increase the chance of getting the eCommerce app uninstalled. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder requires very less space in the mobile phones and does not need to install it from the Play and App Store.

14. CMS pages: CMS pages consist of all the information about the eCommerce store such as about us, terms and conditions, contact information, etc. Giving this option in the OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator improves the customer bonding and reliability towards the eCommerce store. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker allows the users to know more about eCommerce brands in detail.

15. Coupons/Vouchers Support: Coupon and voucher support is one of the effective features to bond with the customers and persuade them to shop more from the shopping app. The customers can get the shopping benefits by entering the coupon, discount, voucher codes in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App.


To boost the sales, conversion rate, engagement, traffic in the progressive web app and gain some competitive advantage, all OpenCart store owners must opt for PWA Mobile App Maker.

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