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KnowBand offers Walmart OpenCart Integrator Extension that enables OpenCart store owners to integrate their OpenCart store with Walmart Marketplace in just a few simple steps. Its seamless technology enables OpenCart store owners to bridge the gap between their store and Walmart Marketplace via API Integrator.

Features of Walmart OpenCart Integrator plugin:

1. Hassle-Free Connection: Walmart OpenCart integrator extension provides a hassle-free connection between the OpenCart Store and the Walmart Marketplace.

2. Real-Time Synchronization: The eCommerce store is connected to the Walmart Marketplace via API integrator which provides real-time synchronization feature to admin which helps him to manage all the product listing from the backend of the integrator itself.

3. Manage Inventory: The Walmart OpenCart Integrator extension allows admin to manage all the inventory by making changes in the profile of the product from the backend of the integrator.

4. Set up Cron Jobs: Admin can set up cron jobs to automate the syncing process with the help of Walmart OpenCart integrator extension.

5. Manage the Order Status: The synchronization tab of OpenCart Walmart Integration module allows admin to change the order status on Marketplace by a single click.

6. Bulk Uploading of Products: Admin can process bulk uploading of the products by mapping the categories of it’s store to the Marketplace by Walmart OpenCart connector.

7. Track Errors: The Walmart OpenCart integrator plugin allows admin to track all the errors occurred while listing the products on Marketplace.

8. Add Multiple Shipping Methods: The Walmart OpenCart integrator plugin offers admin to add multiple shipping methods from the backend itself.

9. Change Price Of The Product: With OpenCart Walmart integration extension, the admin can list the products at increased or decreased prices at the Marketplace. Admin can also change the price of the products of a particular profile.

10. Update Shipping Lag Time: The Walmart OpenCart integrator extension allows admin to set and update the shipping lag time for the product to avoid order cancellations by not delivering them on time.

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