Pre Order & Backorder for Magento 2

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Pre Order and Backorder for Magento 2 You can increase your sales by generating awareness about those products which are about to launch. This extension is the perfect answer to a successful product launch. Your customers can backorder when the product is out of stock.

Powerful Key Features

1. Enable Pre Order for Upcoming & Backorder for out of Stock Products

2. Compatible with Simple, Variable, Grouped & Bundle Products

3. Replace Add to Cart with Custom Pre Order or Back Order Button

4. Show Availability Date & Countdown Timer and Custom Message

5. Display Pre-Order Label in Checkout, order detail page and Email

6. Easily filter Pre Orders & Backorders from Back office

Maximize Store Revenues with Pre-Orders & Back Orders This extension allows your customers to pre-order the product which you are about to launch and also can order for those products which are out of Stock. Enable Pre-Ordering on Specific Products or Entire Catalog The extension helps you to enable pre-ordering on the entire catalog or on specific products. Limit Minimum & Maximum Order Quantity You can set a minimum and maximum order quantity. This feature restricts a single user to order all product. Add Custom Message to All Pre-Orders & Back Orders You can display a custom message in Order Email and Order Section in My Account to inform your customers about the Pre-Order Nature.

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