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PrestaShop Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App

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If you want to target a larger audience, you'll need to integrate PrestaShop Marketplace App into your eCommerce business. It's essential to target customers based on their needs if you want to survive in the eCommerce industry. Customers prefer to buy items that are easily available in their area and where they can discover many sellers offering a diverse variety of products and categories in one location. If you want to reach the same audience, you'll need to integrate PrestaShop Marketplace App Maker by Knowband into your eCommerce business.

Features -

1. The PrestaShop Mobile App consists of a customizable home screen layout. It allows the store owner to simply customize the layout of the mobile home screen by using a DIY editor.

2. The store admin can also add a brand logo, name, banner, pictures, user interface, etc from the module backend.

3. The Marketplace App for Prestashop consists of Zopim and WhatsApp mobile app chats feature to resolve customer queries.

4. The PrestaShop Marketplace App consists of real-time synchronization features that synchronize all the eCommerce website product inventory and data.

5. The streamlined checkout feature of Prestashop Multi-vendor Android & iOS Mobile App helps in easy transactions.

6. The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App supports all the website language along with RTL.

7. The Prestashop Multi-vendor Android & iOS Mobile App supports all sorts of products such as single, grouped, configurable, etc.

PrestaShop Marketplace Maker Features -

1. Seller Registration -

The PrestaShop Multivendor Marketplace backend allows the eCommerce merchant to permit the seller to start selling their products. The seller can register in the Android and iOS app using the web module and the store admin can approve/ disapprove the seller's request.

2. Commission management-

The store admin will get a commission from the vendor side. The PrestaShop Marketplace allows the store admin to set the commission of sellers on the percentage or fixed amount. The store owner also sets the commission based on the individual seller.

3. Request Products And Categories:

On the PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace, sellers can quickly request the store admin to add their requested categories and products. The eCommerce store admin is fully authorized to approve the category and product request.

PrestaShop Mobile App Features-

1. Manage the products:

The sellers can easily track and manage their products, profile, and sales by accessing the Multi-vendor App for Prestashop.

2. Various Choices -

Customers get the amazing opportunity to select products from their locality. This feature of the Prestashop Multi vendor Mobile app allows customers to select from a wide range of products and purchase their preferences.

3. Check Product Availability-

Customers just need to enter their location and they may check product and vendor availability. Users can check out all of their local stores with the help of the Prestashop Multi vendor Android & iOS Mobile App.

4. Easy And Secure transactions -

The PrestaShop eCommerce Multivendor App allows the customer to perform simple and safe transactions. Moreover, the store admin can integrate all the eCommerce websites into the eCommerce mobile app.

Conclusion -

The PrestaShop Multivendor App allows buyers to instantly see and follow seller profiles, products, shipping services, and reviews. Having a PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App for your eCommerce store puts it closer to your potential customers.

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