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PrestaShop Product Customization addon by Knowband

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If you want to sell what your customers love then selling customized products on your online store can be a good idea. Satisfying all the tastes and preferences of online shoppers was not possible once but it is very much possible today. With Knowband's PrestaShop Product Customization addon, the online retailers can add a designer panel on their online stores and let the customers design and customize the products according to their desires and preferences. The extension offers various impressive customizations by which your customers can easily design the products according to their preferences.

With the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon, the customers can add images, stickers, QR codes, texts, colors, apply filters, and transparency effects, etc. They can even upload new images on the product to give it a personalized look.

Merchant benefits of the PrestaShop Product Customization addon: 1. With the module, online retailers can easily start selling personalized and customized products on their online stores and can earn a huge chunk of profit.

2. The PrestaShop Custom Product Designer addon provides an amazing shopping experience to the online customers which makes their day special and encourages them to re-purchase from the store in the future.

3. With the Knowband's Advanced Product Customizer module, you can easily increase your brand value and can make your customers loyal to your brand.

4. With the PrestaShop Product Designer module, you can effortlessly increase customer engagement on your online store. After adding the designer panel, the customers try various customizations effects on the products even when they are not buying them. The addon encourages them to spend more time in the store and they can also end up buying the product even they were not planning to.

5. With the Knowband's Product Personalization addon, the online retailer can know better what the customers like to get in their products. He can analyze the demand and can offer more similar customizations.

Key Characteristics of the PrestaShop Custom Product Design module: 1. With the module, the online retailer can add a Customization button to various product pages of the website. The users can go to the customization panel after clicking this button and can start designing the products.

2. With the Knowband's Online Product Designer addon, the customers can apply various customizations to the product including adding texts with different attractive styles, add images, QR codes, stickers, etc.

3. The store owner can display the total customization cost right on the customization panel along with the total price of the product so that the user can increase or decrease the customization according to his budget.

4. Knowband's PrestaShop Product Customization addon can be enabled or disabled from the admin panel by the store admin in a single click. It offers a user-friendly interface which makes it easier for the admin to manage the addon.

5. The PrestaShop Product Customization addon offers multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.

6. The customers can customize the front and backside of the product if the store admin specifies customizable sides as 2 in the back office of Knowband's Online Product Designer addon. If the product is a t-shirt, then the users can add designs and customizations to both sides of the t-shirt, only if the admin specifies more than 1 customizable side of the product.

7. The store owner can add as many colors, fonts, and images to the Designer panel as he wants from the back office of the PrestaShop Product Personalization addon.

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