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Resolve each of your customer queries just on time by integrating this Prestashop social messenger addon by Knowband. Support your customers via Facebook Messenger Live Chat and improve their engagement with the website.

Features of Prestashop messenger chat module for Prestashop store

1. Incorporate Facebook messenger and live chat addon to provide personalized support services to your customers in order to resolve all the basic doubts and queries regarding the products.
2. Prestashop facebook messenger integration addon allows an effortless way to deal with or handle customer queries through the brand page on Facebook.
3. Admin can activate or deactivate the functionality of Prestashop messenger chat module whenever they require for their store.
4. Prestashop facebook messenger integration allows admin to change the look and feel of the chat window and the messenger icon shown over the site in form of a ticker.
5. For integrating Facebook messenger services, the Facebook App ID and Facebook page ID has to be set up from the backend of Messenger live chat module.
6. Prestashop social live chat support plugin supports multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.
7. The logged in and logged out greeting message shown to the site visitors can be changed from the admin panel of Prestashop messenger chat module.
8. The greeting message delay time (in seconds) can be set from the backend of Facebook messenger and live chat addon.
9. The live chat support added using Prestashop social messenger addon can be shown to selected pages of the store.
10. Your customers can configure the settings for Messenger Chat Window like Turn Off Messages and Mute Conversation on their end from the same site window.

Merchant Benefits of Prestashop messenger chat module for Prestashop store

1. Knowband's Messenger live chat module allows admin to handle all the chat and messages through their Facebook business page.

2. By sorting the customer doubts, e-merchants can boost user engagement with the store and thereby the sales and revenues are also improved.

3. With Prestashop social live chat support plugin, chat history is available to both store owner and customer.

4. Chat Support Services is an ultimate way to get customer loyalty towards the store and satisfaction for the store products.

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