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The on-line store house owners will currently adorn their stores for various occasions like Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day. during this winter season, set the themes per the occasions and grab the customer’s focus and attention. web site decoration is one in every of the neatest ways to optimize the UI of the location and keep the purchasers engaged within the store. The visual effects can create your site look higher and occasion ready. Knowband offers the PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects module which decorates the web site with regard to different occasions. this fashion the shop admin can produce a positive 1st impression. the shop bourgeois can customise the PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects plugin for any vacation like Christmas, New Year and plenty of others. we've also more further effects for brand spanking new Year. Now, the net store admin also can created header, footer and random elements within the new edition of our PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects module. Store bourgeoiss can show/hide snow effects. currently we provide multiple totally different decoration elements. the shop merchant can set the weather per the requirements. The updated PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects extension also permits showing bespoken elements from the admin interface. there's an choice to show a reduction coupon strip on chooseed website pages.

Options Offered by Advance Prestashop Christmas Effects Addon 1.Using PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects addon, the net store admin can adorn the shop as per the occasion like New year, Christmas and Valentine’s day.

2.The PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects addon permits admin to indicate varied snow effects, header parts, footer elements and random elements on all the web site pages or selected website pages.

3.The online bourgeois has an choice to show or hide snow effects, show effects on a mobile device also and set the display frequency of those effects.

4.The online store admin also can select a particular date and time length for showing the computer graphics on the web site pages.

5.Four totally different snow effects are offered for decorating the store. Admin will use any of it as per the requirements.

6.In the second decoration effect, the net store bourgeois can show different shapes like heart, diamonds or different characters.

7.Admin can show different header parts on {the chooseed|the chosen} page and duration. There are four header elements from that admin can select any element. The PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects plugin conjointly permits admin to feature new elements.

8.Admin can show different footer elements on the selected page and duration. There are eight footer elements offered for decoration. The PrestaShop web site Decoration Effects plugin also permits admin to feature new footer parts.

9.The Special decoration impacts plugin has some random parts for lightweight decorations. Admin will set the element movement kind as static or moving. The Snowflakes effect module allows the setting position of elements.

10.The on-line bourgeois can show a reduction coupon strip for showing discounts on occasions in a very totally different way.

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