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Are you getting hit with spammers/bots on your website? It is one such problem which every website owner has to deal with. If you have an online store/website, you are bound to receive bot traffic at some point of time. While the good bots help you in indexing your website on the search engine and monitor your website's performance, bad bots, on the other hand, try to scrap your content by posting spam comments.

Wondering how you can eliminate spam/unwanted IP addresses from your website?

Considering the frequent spamming by bots today, one of the best ways to ensure the protection of your website is to set up a dedicated plugin on your store that helps in removing or blocking those spammers easily.

Prestashop Blocker: Block Bot/User by IP, Country or User Agent

Prestashop Block Bot/User plugin by IP, Country or User Agent is one such module that you can install on your prestashop store and prevent a bot/user from entering your website by blocking their IP address, Country or User agent. This helps in removing the unwanted traffic from your store.

Key Features of the block bot/user addon

1. Block by IP Address Enter the IP address that looks suspicious to be directing bots to your site and stop them from spreading malicious content on your website by using the "Block by IP address" option.

2. Block by Country If you store does not offer services to specific countries, you can block those countries from sending spam to your website by using "Block by Country" option. If you feel that the spam traffic is coming from a country where you do not sell your services, you can just enter that country name and get rid of spammers from that region.

3.Block by User Agent Block the access to your site for particular user agents which include users/bots from Chrome, Mozilla, Facebook, Bingbot, etc. by using the "Block by User Agent" option.

4. Display a message to the blocked users Prestashop Block bot addon allows you to display a message to your blocked users. You can customize the message accordingly and let the spammers know that they have been restricted from accessing your store.

5. Allow customers to make a block removal request. Prestashop Spam blocker provides one very amazing feature to the merchants where they can allow users to place a block removal request. If a genuine user gets banned mistakenly, they can make a request to the store owner to get the block removed. Admin will be able to see the request in the "Blocked customer request" section.

Benefits of using Prestashop blocker>

1. Keeps your website safe and secure Prestashop spam blocker keeps your website safe and secure from irrelevant users and harmful malicious attacks.

2. Quality traffic Prestashop block Bot/User addon helps merchants drive quality traffic to their store by getting rid of spammers.

3. Your content gets browsed by real and genuine customers. Mutliple blocking options in the Prestashop block bot/user addon help to banish the bots/spammers from your website and ensure that your content gets browsed by genuine and real customers. Even if the real ones get banned, they have the option to ask the admin to get unbanned. This makes sure that real users are not getting blocked from accessing your store.

Conclusion Spams are really annoying and spammers always look to degrade your content. But with the help of our Prestashop Block bot/user addon, you can get rid of the spammers/bots easily. You can also checkout:

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