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Why Sngine?

Sngine is the leading social network software packed with amazing and customizable features. A wide range of available settings allows you to configure the system to suit your needs. You may also easily disable features you do not need.

No-Limits Customization 100% white label with no "powered by" or ads (unless you choose to use Google Adsense or other ad units to make money.) Maintain total control over your community's look and feel, easily adding your own logo, colors, layout, etc. image

Supercharge and Lightweight One of the most important factors of a growing website is its ability to scale so we made sure that Sngine also loads lightning fast! Sngine is the fastest social network with Google PageSpeed 96/100 score image

Mobile First Built on the popular Bootstrap framework, so the design is “Mobile First” and fully responsive. Instead of adding on optional mobile styles, they're baked right into the core so the web version will work seamlessly in all devices, big and small

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