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SocialKit is a Social Networking Platform that consists of various features including Live Chat, Pages, Groups, Messages, Stories, Comments, Likes, Shares, Notifications, #Hashtags, @Mentions, etc.

Easy to install, comes with a documentation guide and free installation support.

Fully responsive

100% screen adaptable on all smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Friendly Support

We look forward to hear from you! Our friendly support team is always available to assist you with any help you need.

Features Live Chat

Real-time live chat system like Facebook. Allows online users have live private conversation. Messages

Send and receive private messages from other Users or Pages. Timeline

Displays public profile along with Stories, Photos, Events, Activities and more shared by Users, Pages and Groups. Cover

Dynamic & Draggable Cover for users, pages and groups timeline. Privacy

Control who can message you, follow you, post on your timeline, confirm follow requests or not, etc. Verification

Verified badges for celebrities and official Page Home/News Feed

Displays Stories, Events, Photos posted by followed people, pages and groups. Also story filters and follow suggestions. Notifications

Receive notification whenever someone likes, comments or shares your post, mentions you in a post or follows you. #Hashtags

Displays trending and related topics shared by people and pages worldwide. @Mentions

Use @usernames to tag people in a status. Admin Panel

Manage Users, Manage Pages, Manage Groups, Statistics, Fully dynamic theme system with PHP support, Advertisement System, Manage Reports, Ability to censor words And More...

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