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TimeCase - Time Tracking PHP Script

Code / PHP


TimeCase - Time Tracking PHP Script

Time Tracking

Keep track of your time with accuracy and precision. Use the same web app on your desktop, tablet or phone. Customers

Allow your customers to login and analyze time spent on their projects and view reports. Users

Users will adapt quickly to this modern and easy to use web application. You can assign different roles to different users and pick team managers. Reports

View and analyze reports in real-time with flexible ajax filters. Export data as csv file or display them as printable html.

Features overview

Track time spent on projects. Assign projects to customers and categorize work by type. Enter time tracking records by easily selecting time span. Auto-tracktime with simple start/stop timer button. Create users and assign them appropriate roles. Assign projects to customers and allow them to login and see their reports.

Four different user roles and special customer role provides advanced security. See time tracking reports, filter data with ajax, export as csv or print as tables. Modern, easy to use ajax interface. Responsive design adapts to any screen size, from desktop to phones. System Requirements: PHP Versions 5.2 + Apache + MySQL

Video Preview & Screenshots Demo screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3

You can also try out TimeCase and all it's features right away, no email is requiered for our demo!

Note that some actions are disabled due to security reasons. Timer is session-based while the real app features persistent database timer. Live Preview ยป

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