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Browse the store products without taking your fingers near to the keyboard using Prestashop Voice Search Addon by Knowband. Search by your own voice anytime, anywhere on your desktop, mobile device or tablet. With Prestashop Search By Voice Module, customers can search and browse store products quickly and conveniently. Voice Search optimizes your website and helps to improve its ranking in search engines. Isn't that a good deal?

As a component of Prestashop Voice Recognition System, voice search uses voice commands to perform online product searches. The key idea behind it was the facilitation of the consumer experience; people would find it more convenient to speak on microphone and let the website transcribe the search query than manually typing it in.

Check more about Prestashop Voice Command module with the listed features and benefits.

Key Features of Prestashop Voice Command Module

1. Prestashop Voice Search Addon from Knowband allow voice recognition feature on your site letting users search for their desired products and categories by speaking the relevant search query on the microphone.

2. Prestashop Search By Voice Module facilitates form filling based on the voice instructions given by the customer via a microphone of their device.

3. No coding skills or technicalities need to be invested to install and configure Prestashop Voice Command module for your site.

4. The functionality of the Prestashop Voice Recognition system can be anytime enabled or disabled using the toggle button from the backend interface.

5. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon interprets the voice instructions of the user and processes them to pass back relevant results to the user either in form of form fillups or by searching the desired products.

6. Prestashop Voice Search module perfectly works with browsers like Google Chrome.

7. Prestashop Voice Recognition System works on SSL compatible websites only.

8. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon works with multiple languages and stores.

9. Voice searching and typing module by Knowband works on desktops, mobiles, and tablets which makes it user-friendly.

10. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon allows admin to add voice search option at the top search bar of the website.

11. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon implements voice-based field fillup on site pages like account registration page, personal information form, address form, guest checkout form and contact us page. Admin can apply voice-based typing to selected fields only.

12. It eliminates the need to click the microphone button, the voice focus feature of Prestashop Voice Command module automatically captures customers voice as soon as they start speaking on the microphone.

Benefits of Prestashop Voice Recognition System

1. Voice search optimized websites have high potentials of attracting potential customers or subscribers to the store.

2. The time conserved in browsing site products by typing can be used in performing checkouts at the store.

Prestashop Voice Search and Typing module user manual

Prestashop Voice Search admin demo

Prestashop Voice Search front demo

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Remember, when you optimize your website for voice search and typing, you are aiding customer's shopping experience and thus stepping up towards potential conversions for your business.

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