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Easily edit your products and variations individually or in bulk.


  • Filter products by title, category, attributes, regular and sale price, sku, tags, long and short descriptions.
  • Append, prepend and replace text in title (bulk).
  • Increase/decrease by value/percent (bulk).
  • Generate sale price from the regular one (bulk).
  • Set, add, remove categories/attributes (bulk).
  • Show/hide product fields (columns).
  • Create products and variations.
  • Delete products/variations.
  • Powerful Selection Manager – select products via search conditions.
  • Changed fields are revertible to the original values (before saving).
  • Support for custom meta fields (text, number, checkbox and select – bulk editable, arrays or objects not supported).
  • Find custom meta fields from third-party plugins.
  • Support for custom taxonomies – bulk editable.
  • Editable attributes as different columns.
  • Linked editing of selected products (quick bulk edit).
  • Customizable product limit, support for large stores.
  • Variation retrieval optional.
  • Export products to a csv file.
  • Visual mark on changed cells.
  • Translation support. Built-in translations – Bulgarian, Spanish, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Italian

Supported fields:

  • Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Short Description
  • Publish Date
  • Post Author
  • Product Slug
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Tags
  • SKU
  • Image
  • Image Gallery
  • Regular Price
  • Sale Price
  • Sale Price From (direct editing only)
  • Sale Price To (direct editing only)
  • Tax Status
  • Tax Class
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Stock Quantity
  • Stock Status
  • Manage Stock
  • Allow Backorders
  • Sold Individually
  • Shipping class
  • Purchase Note
  • Product URL
  • Button Text
  • Product Status (draft,published,private)
  • Catalog Visibility
  • Up-Sells
  • Cross-Sells
  • Product Permalink
  • Catalog Visibility
  • Featured
  • Virtual
  • Downloadable
  • Download Expiry
  • Download Limit
  • Downloadable Files (direct editing only)
  • Download Type
  • Product Type
  • Menu Order
  • Enable Reviews

Creating products
Creating Products Demo

Bulk adding variations
Bulk adding variations

Plugin Demo
Selection Manager(0:52-1:02)
Bulk Edit(1:10-1:40)
Show/Hide fields (2:40-2:56)
Linked editing (3:01-4:10)

Finding custom meta fields
Finding custom meta fields

Custom fields\taxonomies demo
Custom Fields Demo

Working with WPML
Working with WPML

Note ! – filtering products by language is not(and will not be) possible for technical reasons.

Plugins that could cause conflicts

If products don’t show up after clicking the “Get Products” button, try these settings before contacting me

Settings to try

WPML users – showing translated categories/attributes/tags


WPML users – automatically updating changes to translated products


Note – If you want to translate the plugin to your language but you’re not familiar with the technical side, contact me via the profile page.

Note 2 – Custom fields should not contain any intervals.


v 4.0.1 (08.01.2016)

- Maintenance only.
- Bug fix: html tags were stripped for custom fields on save.
- Revised: post author now retrieves only administrators, shop managers and vendors, deleted for variations.
- Revised: new installations now save changes in batches of 50 by default.

v 4.0 (07.23.2016)

- Name(of the column) support for custom fields.
- Support for post_author and product_type added as a search filter.
- Attributes with > 2000 terms are automatically disabled for faster page load and can later be individually enabled. Also attributes with > 100 terms are listed for enable/disable.
- Deleting is done in batches of 50 to prevent php timeouts.
- “Delete images from server/media library” option now enhanced to delete images when permanently deleting products.
- Hovering a variable product generates a link on the right for quick selection of its variations.
- Better support of RTL languages.
- Sorting menu order will keep the variations grouped with the parent product.

v 3.9.2 (05.23.2016)

- Revised: “call woocommerce save action” now off by default, some plugins do not check the POST data and could cause problems.
- All inputs in the bulk dialog now reset on opening.
- Revised: “Show/Hide Fields” now placed at the top.
- 2 minor bug fixes.

v 3.9 (05.03.2016)

- Performance improvements when retrieving products and other under the hood changes.
- Fill series for SKU/numbers/.
- Replace descriptions via a regular expression in the bulk editor.
- Select AND or OR when searching with multiple words for descriptions.
- Bug fixes.

v 3.8.1 (03.08.2016)

- Maintenance only.
- Bug fix: tags were deleted on changes in v. 3.8
- Bug fix: going to a different page in paginated results failed if unsaved changes existed. Changed from automatic saving to a confirmation message box.

v 3.8 (03.03.2016)

- Hitting enter while the focus is on the search fields will initiate product retrieval.
- Improved performance while adding large number of variations in the dialog.
- The ‘Link all variations’ button displays the variation count to be created.
- You can now stop some of the actions done in batches.
- Detection of duplicate skus on save plus product duplication now skips skus.
- Select duplicate (short)descriptions.
- Option to export only the visible fields to CSV.
- Multiline text in custom fields now follow the settings of the descriptions(in quick settings) for their editor.
- Parents of variations now force load in paginated views(if not loaded).
- Bug fix:images stored in the main upload directory caused failure of finding their thumbnails for displaying in the editor.
- Bug fix:deleting table views was not functional.
- Bug fix:latest version failed to load non-standard tax classes.
- Compatibility with the taxonomies in the WooCommerce German Market plugin.
- French, Russian, German and Italian translations.

v 3.7 (12.29)

- Option to use sql queries when deleting products(the default method in versions < 3.4).
- New search filters.
- Select items from a group.
- Copy values from variable products to their variations.
- Fixes/tweaks.

v 3.6.2 (11.10)

- Fix: css conflict from a popular plugin that made the dialogs unusable.
- Search in the columns dialog/search fitlers.
- Revised: setting manual height of the search filters is no longer available – redundant after collapse/search filters.
- Minor fixes/tweaks when creating variations.

v 3.6 (10.27)

- Variations are now created in batches of 30.
- Option to skip duplicate variations.
- Llink all variations.
- Quick actions in the selection dialog – select products/variations, duplicate products/variations.
- Fix: removing all attribute terms of a variable product did not refresh its meta key.
- Revised: you need to change the product type to “variable” and enable the “Used for variations” option before creating variations.
- Other minor fixes/tweaks.

v 3.5.5 (09.30)

- Option to save changes in multiple ajax calls to prevent php timeouts.
- Option to delete images from server/media library.
- Updated custom attributes support for newer woocommerce versions.
- Additional information in the image dialog.
- Improved product gallery images handling.
- Variation description added.
- Saving of the filter collapse state on saving changes.
- Action calls to support the create/update web hooks.

v 3.5 (09.16)

- Option to use the default table editor when editing descriptions.
- Show selected products only.
- Custom attributes improvements – bulk edit and create variations.
- Paginated products now begin with the newest first.
- Tweak – decreasing number values that result in less the 0 are now set to 0(the decrease was ignored before).
- First time users/installs – a hint to use the show/hide button, more default fields.
- Bug fix – the “Do not retrieve total number” was ignored on default product retrieval.

v 3.4.4 (08.26)

- Maintenance update

v 3.4.3 (07.15)

- Fix: Title/descriptions search filters did not work with a single word and contains.
- Use wordpress editor for description editing.
- Option to allow editing of every field and bypass the built-in safety net.
- Show/Hide search filters.
- Quick Settings area – larger images on hover and bypass image dialog on click.

v 3.4.1 (07.07)

- Maintenance update – bug fix for php < 5.4

v 3.4 (07.05)

- Basic support for custom attributes(edit in table only).
- New options – set search filters height, include all variations on custom taxonomy search.
- Optimized attribute retrieval\handling to be more ram efficient.
- Built-in woocommerce fields now support custom translation.
- Tweak: checking “AND” works for attribute search filters.
- Bug fix: linked editing did not work for variations in v. 3.3.2.
- Various minor tweaks and fixes.

v 3.3.2 (05.29)

- New option to increase row height -> bigger images, text in 2-3 rows
- Rounding to 10 and 100 added
- Bug fix: could not delete product gallery images in v. 3.3
- Tweak: Improved compatibility with third-party themes/plugins
- Tweak: Improved compatibility with non-english characters

v 3.3 (05.24)

- Save pre-sets of visible table fields
- Use multiple search words and regular expressions in the Selection Manager
- New option to call the wordpress action save_post
- Various fixes
- Tweak: Settings dialogs do not wait for the ajax call to finish when saving
- Tweak: Automatically resize dialogs in lower resolutions

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