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Turn your WordPress media library to the next level with folders / categories. Get organized with thousands of images. Organize media into folders.

RML (Real Media Library) is one of the most wanted media wordpress plugins. It is easy to use and it allows you to organize your thousands of images in folders. It is similar to wordpress categories like in the posts.

Use your mouse (or touch) to drag and drop your files. Create, rename, delete or reorder your folders If you want to select a image from the “Select a image”-dialog (e. g. featured image) you can filter when inserting media. Just install this plugin and it works fine with all your image and media files. It also supports multisite.

If you buy, you get: Forever FREE updates and high quality and fast support.

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WP Real Media Library is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manage your media library in your blog. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to organize the thousands of images, audio, video, and PDF files in your media library in folders. Basically, it’s like WordPress categories for your media library.

Why do you need this plugin? Well, having a growing WordPress blog means that you’ll be adding a lot of new media files, like images, audio, and PDF, into your database every day. In a few weeks, your blog will be filled with thousands of media files. How are you going to find one of those files at a later time?

Of course, you can use the WordPress search function and spend a couple of hours finding a file, but who can even remember the names of thousands of files and what happens then?

That’s where the WP Real Media Library plugin comes in. With this plugin, you can easily create gallery folders for your images and normal folders for other media files to properly organize your media library. So that next time whenever you need to find a file, it’s only a mouse-click away.

Organizing your blog media files with WP Real Media Library plugin is as easy as dragging and dropping the files into folders. Then you can rearrange the order of your files by dragging them around to bring the important files to the top of the list for quicker access.

The Tree View of your folders will also make things easier for you to quickly find specific folders in a split-second.

In addition, you can use the WP Real Media Library plugin to insert media galleries to your posts directly from the WordPress “New Post” editor. This will allow you to insert an entire media folder into your WordPress posts as a customizable gallery.

WP Real Media Library is a must-have WordPress plugin that will help save you a ton of time that goes into managing your media files.


  • Folders for the WordPress media library
  • Drag & Drop your files
  • Full control for your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete, rearrange)
  • Filter in insert media dialog
  • Improved Uploader
  • Create dynamic gallery from folder
  • Custom image order for the dynamic galleries (drag & drop)
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider
  • Compatible with touch devices
  • Supports multisite
  • 6 months support Included
  • Forever free updates


As you can see from the screenshots RML (Real Media Library) supports three different folder types:

  • The normal folder: A folder can contain every type of file and collections, but no galleries. If you want to create a subfolder simply select a folder from the list and click this button.

  • The collection: A collection can contain no files. But you can create there other collections and galleries. The mentioned above gallery is only a gallery data folder, that means they are not automatically in your frontend (your website).
    You can create a visual gallery from this gallery data folder via the Visual Editor in your page/post.

  • The gallery folder: A gallery data folder can only contain images. It is simplier for you to distinguish where your visual galleries are.
    You can also order the images into a custom image order per drag&drop.


Question? Write a comment here

If I move images around in my folders will they still be referenced correctly on the frontend wordpress site? Yes, do not worry about references.

Is there a way to select multiple files to be put into a folder? Just use the “bulk select” Button in media grid. If you are using table mode check the entries and move.

When i create a post i want to select an image from a specific folder, can i do this with this plugin? Yes, you can filter in a insert-dialog with the dropdown beside the search.

Why three different folder types? This provides a better overview. You can simply distinguish where your image galleries are.

Does it work with my Revolution Slider? Yes.

I have WPML installed, the number of images in the folder does not match the number of shown images? Yes, in WPML you see your uploaded files depending on your current admin language. WPML says “This language selector determines which content to display. You can choose items in a specific language or in all languages.” > Set it to “All languages” in the admin toolbar.

Does the plugin work with my current images and files? Yes, just install and play.

Does the plugin touch the file structure? No.

Does the plugin change the image URLs? No.

Does it work with WooCommerce? Yes.

What should i do if the plugin does not work correct after version update? Please clear the browser cache by reloading the page (CTRL + R).

Extended license doesn’t cover multiple uses. You need to purchase a regular or an extended license for every site.


Installation and Compatibility

If you buy this item you will become an introduction how to install the plugin.

The real media library is compatible with all wordpress themes and plugins. For example: You bought a theme on themeforest like the X Theme, Avada, Bridge, Salient, Be Theme or Enfold? No Problem! It also works great with Visual Composer, Justified Image Grid and Slider Revolution.

WP RML with Justified Image Grid


Justified Image Grid (external premium plugin): With the obvious visual advantage of JIG, a more important feature was created. The ability to show and traverse from any selected point of the RML tree. You can select folders and collections to display, not just galleries. JIG creates virtual pages according to the tree and allows navigation using a breadcrumb.
Learn more

We guarantee high quality products and support!



19 August 2016 - Version 2.5.5
- Fixed capability bug while logged out
- (developers only) Added Javascript polyfill's to avoid browser incompatibility
- (developers only) Fixed bug for crashed safari browser

08 August 2016 - Version 2.5.4
- Added option to remove advertisement links
- Fixed "Edit selection" bug while inserting media to post

21 July 2016 - Version 2.5.3
- (developers only) Fixed media.comparator bug
- (developers only) Fixed bugs with Easy Digital Downloads plugin
- (developers only) Fixed String.prototype problems

11 July 2016 - Version 2.5.2
- Added fixed toolbar while scrolling in media library
- Fixed problems with plugin "Formidable Forms" 
- Fixed resize bug
- (developers only) Fixed WP query database notices in error log
- (developers only) Fixed count bug when many folders exist (performed SQL statement)
- (developers only) Improved API, wp_rml_create() now returns false or a string error array, on success it return an int (ID)

03 July 2016 - Version 2.5
- Added folder tree to insert media dialog
- (developers only) Complete recoding of javascript code

20 June 2016 - Version 2.4.2
- Fixed style issues
- Fixed TinyMCE bug when not admin
- Fixed PHP < 5.3 Bug with func_get_args

20 March 2016 - Version 2.4.1
- HOTFIX website is empty because javascript occurs an error

10 March 2016 - Version 2.4
- added "Reamining time" and bytes/s in uploader
- added order mode in galleries
- added custom fields (meta data) for folders (see inc/api/meta.php)
- added custom field: cover image + description (not activated as standard, used in JIG)
- added warning when moving files from "All Files" 
- improved move in table list mode (no page refresh)
- improved ux styling (uploader, tree, tree in upload media dialog)
- improved options panel in Settings > Media
- fixed admin_footer problem when a plugin removes styles and javascript of RML
- fixed theme preview when plugin is active
- fixed database queries to avoid long load time on dashboard
- fixed hidden folder nodes on safari browser
- fixed usage of front-end editor in BeaverBuilder and Visual Composer
- fixed bug pre_get_posts

10 March 2016 - Version 2.3
- added compatibility with JUSTIFIED IMAGE GRID 3.x
- added resizable container width
- added option to wipe all settings and releations
- added spanish translation - by Ana Ayelén Martínez. http://caribdisweb.com/
- (developers only) added "slug" and "absolute" to database table
- (developers only) added / updated api
- fixed edit mode when creating a new folder
- fixed default order in folder gallery
- fixed UX bugs (draggable, droppable, sortable)
- fixed sticky sidebar

26 Feburary 2016 - Version 2.2.3
- added Finnish translation (thanks to palvelu)
- added more attractive alerts and prompt windows
- fixed visual bugs
- fixed delete bug => when folder is deleted, switch view to root
- fixed upload percentage issue
- fixed live update of folder count
- fixed upload in "Insert media" dialog => file is now in correct folder
- fixed drag and drop experience
- moved folder gallery button above visual editor into visual editor
- (developers only) added more actions and filters
- (developers only) added javascript actions (window.rml.hooks)
- (developers only) changed javascript function names
- (developers only) changed localize javascript variables

20 January 2016 - Version 2.2.2
- HOT bugfix error in creating a folder gallery

17 January 2016 - Version 2.2.1
- added filters and actions (developers)
- added three more api functions (developers)
- added facebook advert on plugin activation
- restyled upload window
- font awesome fix

29 December - Version 2.2
- fixed AJAX bug
- fixed conditional tag to create / sort items
- fixed count bug (WPML)
- fixed duplicate name
- added sticky container when scrolling
- added collection and galleries folder types
- added collapsable folders
- added API functions (look inc/api/)
- added left infos about folder structure
- added option to hide upload preview (for slow loading pc's)
- outsourced javascript functions
- PHP Code rewritten (better split in view and structure)
- PHP Code documentation improved

22 November - Version 2.1.2
- added french translation (thanks to Youpain)
- fixed rename bug
- fixed count bug when WPML in usage

13 November 2015 - Version 2.1.1
- removed unnecessary code
- fixed jquery conflict

07 November 2015 - Version 2.1
- add multisite compatibility
- correct sorting (not alphabetic)
- fixed suddenly disappeared folders when created 3rd level folder

03 November 15 - Version 2.0
- support PHP version < 5.4
- version milestone - Thanks for purchasing! 

02 November 15 - Version 1.3
- added nice uploading to folder

29 October 15 - Version 1.2
- works now with RevSlider >= 5.0
- body class fix for grid mode (added Javascript methode)
- added notice about is alphabetic sorting

21 October 15 - Version 1.1
- pre_get_posts appending meta_query fixed
- pre_get_posts capability added
- moving in list table fixed
- style fix (drag and drop helper)
- limit of folder gallery images removed

16 October 15 - Version 1.0.1
- delete folder without page reload
- rename folder without page reload
- fixed https resources

06 October 15 - Version 1.0:
- initial review


RML provides an well documented API, you can find it in wp-content/realmedialibrary/inc/api/api.php. Flag Counter

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